Here are some products I'm testing from the Baby Show NEC 2016. I'm already in love with some of them and we only got home from there a few hours ago!
Here's what I think for now....

I already know I love this Aloka lamp from Potwells online store. They have so many cute designs. This lovely store has loads of magical things for children. A new fave of mine.


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This brilliant invention by OmniO World is genius. It's a pushchair that folds in to a backpack. Great for toddlers who can walk but get tired too and it also fits in the overhead space on a flight. Wonderful product if you travel a lot like we do.


This brilliant product is available from September this year and I'm definitely going to get one.


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It's widely known that, I cannot cook. I've set fire to 3 kitchens, so I think that's enough proof that - As A Cook I Suck. So I'm thrilled to see one of my fave TV Dr's, Dr Pixie has brought a tastey cook book out for parents to make delicious healthy food for their babies. Phoenix hates bland baby food and I don't blame him!


I've had a quick look through this evening and the food looks delicious. I can't wait to try and make one! Fire brigage at the ready please. I shall then report back and not just about the firemen.


Please click on the image to go to Dr Pixie's website to learn more

We got some gorgeous clothes for Phoenix today from Toffee Moon. I cannot wait to put him in them. Their clothes are wondeful for boys and girls and so beautifully made. I will definitely be getting more from Toffee Moon. I can report to you now that these clothes are luscious.


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I already love Nuby products so I'm thrilled they let Phoenix try their baby soothers. Again, I can report straight away that Phoenix LOVES them. He couldn't wait for me to get them out of the packaging and they have been in his mouth ever since. I had to prize them away for his Water Babies photo shoot today. I hIghly recommend their toys and teething bibs to sooth your babies.


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I'm busting to try these natural Naif Baby Care Products, from Market Goodness on Phoenix. They smell divine! I will report back soon - but I have a feeling they will be delightful! Roll on bath time... I'm a bit jealous they are for him and not me!


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This ingenious product means your jewellery can become teething items for your baby. I also love their bath time Bubba Bags and Phoenix loves them even more. This is an excellent product.

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I saw this at the Baby Show NEC 2016 today by Knuma and thought, what a brilliant design. I love that you can take this highchair apart. I didn't get chance to play with it for long but it's definitely a product I will be looking out for. I see it's stocked at the brilliant NCT and Mamas & Papas too.


Please click on the image to go to the maker - Knuma's website