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Dear Mums,

                      I am writing to you to tell you that you do a wonderful job. You enchant the lives of your children - this alone makes you even more beautiful than you have ever been before.

However, I know you feel utterly wrecked, so here are some little tips from me to make you feel better. Don't ever stop treating yourself because no one else will :)


HoneyMumster xxxxx

This is a great product for making you look younger and feel fresher. The trick to looking effervescent when you really don't feel it, either because of the baby vomit on your shoulder or that you haven't slept for months, - is less powder, more sparkle and this gel based bronzer is a genius at giving you back that glow you had while you were pregnant.

Nars Laguna Illuminator 

Please click on the image to see where to buy

Please click on the image to see where to buy

I just love this product by Cover FX. You pair it with infusion drops, so you can have it as thick or shear as you like. It's pricey but it really is worth it and it lasts ages and smells divine.

As above, it's another product found at Space NK , one of my fave stores.

Cover FX Foundation

I firmly believe, if you get your foundation right then you look so much better. This is another foundation that i love and I often mix it with Cover FX (above). It's so light  and doesn't sink in to your wrinkles which is a bonus, as that just enhances them! My only critisism, is that it doesn't last very long - but you can just buy the refill which is much cheaper

Lancome Miracle Cushion

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I've mentioned this product before in my 'Post Partum Hairloss' blog.


So far it is the only product that makes my hair feel really healthy - and I've tried loads of really expensive ones as well as the cheaper brands. My hair is now growing back and feels thick again . I can't recommend this product enough.

Wella SP Hair Repair Shampoo/conditioner

Please click on the image to see where to buy

Laura Mercier Baked Blush Illumine - Rose

Another great prodct for giving you a youthful glow, this product is a firm favourite of mine. It lasts ages and can be used as a blusher, eye shadow or highlighter, it's just lovely and makes you feel 10 years younger. Well worth the money.

Please click on the image to see where to buy

That's it for now but I'll keep adding as I find more beauty treasures for my beauty board. I certainly don't think I'm a pretty girl and I hate wearing loads of make up - but I also think a girl should look after her soul, epecially when she's a mum and sometimes these treats just make you feel like the princess who lives in your heart. They won't make you live happily ever after but you don't need them to, as your children already do that. They just make you feel like you are looking after you, as well as everyone else x