The Summer Infant Pop 'N' Play Pen is one of my 'Featured Products'. It packs away brilliantly and is perfect if you travel a lot and for outside use as well as being an excellent every day play pen.

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This inspired 'Nautica' design by KaiGami is beautifully made and is the perfect shade for any nursery. It's simple and elegant.

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The Snooze Shade is an absolute must for all babies! My brilliant mum got me this before we took Phoenix to Cape Verde and it was heaven sent. He loved it so much he sometimes just sat in it even when he was awake.


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Without this ingenius machine from Tommee Tippee, my life would have been so much harder. Even if you are breast feeding I think it's worth getting this brilliant little milk prepping machine. It's epic. I don't know how mum's coped before this came on to the market


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Although we didn't use the overhead toys that came with this Bear Mat from Mothercare, Phoenix loves it just on the floor to sleep on. It also helped him roll over by the time he was 4 months old. It still makes him have a huge smile when he sees it now and it often travels with us.


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I've already mentioned the Chicco 'Next To Me' crib in a blog. I'd like to mention it again though as it really is a wonderful product for when your baby is first born - until they start to roll. It's so reassurring knowing your baby is 'next to' you.


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Feels a bit naughty recommending a product that I am presenting on but Bababoogie Fit really is a fantastic exercise video for mums and babies to do together. It's the brain child of the brilliant Michelle Grant at Cherry Duck.


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Here's another product I've already mentioned in a blog. The Sleepyhead is simple and brilliant. Phoenix has slept from 11pm to 10am nearly every night since he was about 10 weeks old and I think that's down to my lazy genes and the Sleepyhead


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This was recommended to me by the lady at Adoracble Tots (see below) and it's a wonderful pram. My mum insisted she buy me it, as she said a big pram will last me a long time and I'm so glad she did. Now Phoenix is bigger he loves to sit up in his pram (with a pram harness on) and play with his toys on walks. I love the fact you build it yourself, like when you are chosing a new car too!


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Once again the wonderful lady at Adorable Tots, recommended this buggy to us. It's awesome. It folds up so small you can take it on as hand luggage on any flight. We just went to Northern Ireland for a few days and it was great knowing the buggy wasn't getting smashed up in the hold.


Available at Adorable Tots - please click buggy picture for website for Mountain Buggy

This is our absolute favourite shop. Their advice is fabulous and they went above and beyond to make sure my pram was delivered for the arrival of my baby, even though Phoenix was early.

They have everything magical.


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If you have a child forget the kids channels, get Netflix. It's cheaper per month than your TV Licence and there are no adverts or annoying repeats, unless you want to re-watch a show again and again.


Mine and Phoenix's favouriote show on there is 'King Julien' voiced by the brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen - it is comedy genius!

This app 'White Noise Ambience' by Logicworks on itunes apps is a miracle. Until we found this we had to sing Coldplay to Phoenix and one Saturday night we even sat with the Dyson on because he had colic and it was the only way to sooth his screams. This app is an absolute must.


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In my opinion the best baby photographer in the UK. Georgina is so fabulous with your precious babies and the pictures are sublime. Don't miss out - book early. Phoenix had this picture when he was 3 weeks old and we all the pictures were wonderful.


Please click on the picture to go Georgina's website, 'Bundles Of Joy BY G'.

Claire Southern Macarons make the best cake you will ever try. It's a treat for all the senses and perfect for Christenings, weddings or even just evenings in. Claire is a mum herself and a wonferful lady.


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We brought this play mat for Phoenix as we have a really hard floor. It meant he could learn to sit up without me panicking and I now use it while he's trying to stand. Can't wait to use it to teach him gymnastics too!


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