Old Mother's Tips

This is a page dedicated to all the useful tips my mum and other 'old mothers' have given me. If you have a tip please do let me know and I will add it and we can share the love...

My mum Janet's Tip

Teach them to climb off things...

As soon as your little ones start crawling, teach them to climb off the sofa backwards and down the stairs too. Still have a stair gate and never leave them on a sofa or chair alone - but try and teach them as early as possible to climb off of things the right way. Form a good habit just in case one day you're not looking.

My mum Janet's Tip

My mum Janet's Tip

How to avoid cradle cap.....

Cradle Cap looks so sore and is upsetting for any new mum. I managed to avoid it because my mum told me to, get a soft baby brush and brush their little hairs in all directions every day, as this stimulates the hair folicles. It worked for me. If it doesn't though there are products you can buy. NEVER EVER, pick at it or pull bits off. It will go, no one has it in adult life do they...

My mum Janet's Tip

Try to avoid rocking your baby to sleep..

Instead of rocking Phoenix to sleep my mum told us to hold his hands in ours in his crib (almost cup them in your hands) so he felt safe. I've never had to rock him to sleep, which meant in the early days when he had night feeds, I could just put him straight back in his 'Next To Me' and he'd fall off to sleep by himself. Now he's older he sleeps anywhere. He even fell asleep at the disco part of my friend's wedding on my shoulder.

My mum Janet's Tip

Give them a last bottle at 10.30 to help them sleep through...

This as a brilliant way of getting your cherubs to well sleep early on, and then to sleep all through the night. It totally worked with Phoenix! By the time he was 10 weeks old Phoenix slept from 11pm until 10.30am and he still does. This was a genius move.

My mum Janet's Tip

The best way to remove stains...

Haha I can't believe I'm actually writing about stains but this advice was amazing and it saved a lot of poo stained clothes that otherwise I would have had to throw away..


1. Use fairy liquid to get the stain out by rubbing it on the stain with water


2. Put a colour run pad and a scoop of vanish in a bowl of hot water and soak item in that.


3. Make sure all fairy liquid is out of clothes, because in my mum's own words, "You don't want it to knacker your machine."  and then just put the clothes in the washing machine as normal.


Result - Stain free clothes - it even works on bolognese ladies!

My Tip

Even when things seem hard, enjoy every single moment...

I have a wonderful friend who is no longer here. She can't enjoy watching her daughter grow up. Even though she's not here though she guides me from the stars. Thanks to her I am grateful to be alive, whatever is happening in my life, good or bad, I glad I'm here to exprience it.


Every day I spend with my baby boy is a wonderful gift. Don't take life for granted. Enjoy the ride because sadly it will end, hopefully not for a while yet though xxx.