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BEST BUYS - Sleepyhead/Next To Me

There are a few things Phoenix and I could not live without. First and foremost his Sleepyhead! We started out getting him the Chicco - 'Next To Me' crib. This little crib was perfect until he was about 4 months old and then he started to roll, so was swiftly moved to his cot bed.

I loved having him next to me every night though. He's always been a pretty good sleeper, so it gave me piece of mind as, like all new parents, I think I checked his breathing hourly for the first 2 months!

The only trouble with the Chicco - 'Next To Me' is it's mattress is really quite hard but that's where the Sleepyhead teamed up with it nicely and saved the night. The Sleepyhead didn't last 0-8 months as it says it does. We had to buy the bigger version when he was about 5 months old as it was waking him and he clearly felt like he didn't have room to wriggle any more. It's a brilliant buy though, I can't recommend it enough and I'm told that at The Women's Hospital in Liverpool they make a similar thing for newborns who can't sleep with towels. Phoenix started to sleep through at about 10 weeks old. I used to have to wake him to make sure he fed. He now sleeps from about 11pm at night until 10.30am - so as you can see, it deffo works for him!

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