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Post-partum Hair loss Help

One thing I wasn't prepared for was post-partum hair loss!

It's bad enough that as soon as you give birth to your bundle of magic, you immediately lose all your own magic and become a leaky hag. No one tells you that the minute you give birth, the pregnancy bloom will immediately go and you will become a sweaty, leaky mess.

Let's face it - google 'pregnant celebrity' and there is an abundance of naked pictures of them smugly showing off how amazing they look. Try googling 'post-partum celebrities' though and you won't get many smug pictures, if any, because they all look like bastards and celebrities don't like to show you that they are human beings just like you.

I know what you're thinking, where are my post-partum naked pictures? Well, I promise you in the next few weeks you will have the joys of burning your retinas with how hideous I looked after giving birth to my little Phoenix.

But I digress, back to hair loss....

So as you see from the picture above, which was taken when Phoenix was just 3 weeks old, I still had my pregnancy hair for a while. I had luscious locks for at least 4 months in fact - but then my lovely hair, started to matt together and fall out in clumps. I constantly could feel that horrible tickle of a hair or 5, on my arms throughout the day. The hoover had to have hairs cut from it and my hairbrush was just shameful. I was distraught, thinking oh please at least leave me with my hair, it's my favourite.

I'm told hair loss differs for every one but for me it was quite extreme. Luckily I have lots of hair but as you see below from a picture taken today, I lost a lot of hair from my hairline. It's growing back, thank goodness but it's been annoying!

My hair loss was so bad 5 months after I gave birth, I thought, I'm either going in to the menopause or I'm dying. I'm pleased to say neither was the case.

All the short hair at the front, is from hair that fell out. I did find things to stop the process a little which I will share with you now.

My hair fell out from about 4 months post-partum and stopped falling out at about 7 months post-partum. It had already statrted to grow back by then though, so it's not nearly as distressing almost 8 months after giving birth.


1. Get a good hydrating shampoo. I used SP Hair Repair by WELLA. This stopped it falling out almost instantly

2. Take your preganacy vitamins if you have any left and if you don't, buy some hair vitamins

3. Don't stress about it. It stops falling out at about 7 months and by then it's already started to grow back. Just know, it's normal and hang in there.

4. Try to avoid having it coloured

5. Have it trimmed - you don't need to cut it all off, just be brave, it will get back to normal.

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