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Featured Best Buy

My most recent Best Buy is this brilliant product from Summer Infant. It's a Portable Playpen and it's just exactly what I was looking for.

Phoenix has been crawling since he was 7 months old - but he wasn't very fast, so I could turn my back on him for a second or so. Now at 9 months old (his birthday is today) I cannot take my eye off the little squirrel for a second! So, I went on the search for the perfect playpen.

Our house is pretty small and as it's already filled with a play mat, 3 toy boxes, a ride in, toy car, pram, high chair, walker etc etc you get the picture - I was not looking forward to buying yet another thing to fall over , while carrying Phoenix in one arm, his bottle in another, spare dummy in my mouth, dirty clothes under my armpits and phone in my back pocket pulling my jeans down..... I'm sure you all understand. So when 'Mother & Baby magazine' recommended the 'Pop n Play' Portable Playpen from Summer Infant my ears pricked up!

It looked like it easily folded away in to a very neat bag and that potentially I could do this with one hand , while holding a screaming baby in the other. I just had to get it.

Well, I can report this product is epic.

Not only does it easily open out and fold away (and yes I can do it with one hand, while holding Phoenix, even though I'm only 4ft 11 and Phoenix already weighs a sixth of my weight). It's the perfect size when it's open. It has a wipe down bottom (oops pardon). It can be used outside as well, so amazing for popping your cherub in while you hang your mountains of washing out. We have already taken it away with us and used it in a hotel room and at Phoenix's grandparents house and Phoenix loves it.

He can pull himself up to stand in it, which makes him shout with glee. It has also helped with his separation anxiety that's been creeping in. I guess he must feel safer with the boundaries of the pen. Which is great for me as it means I can get on with my chores while he plays away. I dyson around him and put washing loads in and sort out bottles to be sterilised, while he plays away. Plus the cats love it cos they can stare at him through the mesh - but he can't grab them.

This product has changed my life. I love that it can packed away so quickly and easily too, so my house doesn't always have to look like a creche or a nursery storage cupboard.

I cannot recommend this playpen enough. I even jumped in with him the other day and had a lie down. I had a migraine and it was the only way I could relax while he played. Genius product.

At the moment you can save £30 when you buy this product at Argos. Please click on the logo to be re-directed there.

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