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Nimble Baby Bottle Cleaner - Review

Please click on the picture to go directly to the Nimble Babies Website

I was sent this baby bottle cleanser by Nimble to try out and I must say I was a bit sceptical. What product could get rid of that ingrained smell of a tired old, overused, over sterilised bottle?

Well I'm pleased to say a few squirts with some hot water, straight in to the bottle and the nasty old milky smell was completely gone! Which means, the bacteria that made the smell has gone too! Result! I've only used it twice and already my old bottles don't have that cloudy look. I'm thrilled with this product.

It smelled lovely. In fact, it reminded me of a brand new paddling pool and it also reminded of me of a job I did a few years ago at the Motor Show, which I just have to share with you. I like to give extra if I can....

This job was back when I was Nimble, so I thought it rather fitting to attach it to this product for your enjoyment...

You can also use Nimble to clean your Nutri-bullets and other blenders to make them smell gorgewoir. I even tried it on a manky old coffee flask and it worked wonders.

I give a perfect '10' for this product. Oh and you can get it in travel size too, so it's brilliant for when you're on tour!

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