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Tiger Time

It's pretty well known that I love animals and will go to great lengths to stop them getting hurt.

I support lots of animal charities but one of my favourites is Tiger Time. Whenever I get the chance I try to make money for them as it's such an important charity.

There are only 3000 tigers left on our wonderful yet delicate planet. That means if we don't act now to save them they could be extinct in less that 20 years. By the time Phoenix and your little babies become adults, the tigers could all be gone.

Most of the great children's stories have a tigers in them. Shere Khan in the Jungle Book, The Tiger that Came to Tea, The Life of Pi, Tiger Tiger. Very few creatures on Earth, feed the imagination of children and adults alike as the Tiger does. We owe it to them to do all we can to save the Tiger. I can't imagine explaining to Phoenix when he's older, "Sorry, the Tiger died out. WE could have saved it but instead we just let it happen. We were just so busy worrying about mundane things that we forgot, that if we each donated the equivalent of a cup of coffee once a month we could save one of the most magical creatures from extinction." We could be the Tiger's very own army right now and protect it, so that Phoenix and his peers can tell their grandchildren, "Our parents saved the Tiger for you."

As apex predators, tigers shape the ecosystems in which they live. Without the tiger there could be major changes in our ecosystem. They are solitary animals that have large home ranges making them an excellent ‘umbrella’ species providing space for a variety of other species to flourish.

Every year, Ayden and I do a picture that is auctioned off for Tiger Time. This year we got Phoenix involved by getting him to put his hand-print on some paper and then Ayden and I drew a Tiger over that. Haha neither Ayden or I are great at art as you can see. But we liked the 'poetry' of getting Phoenix involved, by placing his hand-print on there, as a symbol that all generations are ready to Save The Tiger. A child's hand-print to symbolise keeping the Tiger alive for future generations.

Here are the pitures....

Bidding closes on the 4th July and we are still on £10, so please do bid, if we get up to a modest £100 each that will make all the difference for the Tigers.

You can find out how to bid by clicking on the picture above or you can bid by emailing:

Man is solely responsible for the slaughter of the tiger. In the natural world the tiger's only predator is man. We therefore must act to stop the killing and save the tiger in the wild. Please help Tiger Time save the Tiger and bid for these sweet little pictures.

Thank you SJ, Ayden & Phoenix and of course Tiger Time xxx