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Re-Poo & Unicorns...

Dear ladies, mums and Unicorns,

This is a review that I'm almost certain you do not need as I know, just like me you never go to the loo, that is a pass time for dirty boys to partake in. Girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Just like Unicorns we have no need for potty time...

Let's say hypothetically though that we forget to put our pretty unicorn horns on one day and we do have to go to the loo and our lovely babies are with us (let's face it in that first year, you have no choice but to take your child everywhere with you). I'm sure we wouldn't want to subject our little sweethearts to any unnecessary smells, other than baby powder and fluffy towels would we?

Well fear ye not fellow Unicorns for the people at .... 'Stress No More'

have come up with a little miracle, baby nose saving product called Poo-Pourri...

I had one of my unicorns try it out for me (of course I never go to the loo) and it really is a great product and worth having in all bathrooms (saving you from any manly smells that might usually take a trip through the house).

It's also a must in your handbag/baby change bag, just in case, gawd forbid your unicorn horn slips one day and you find yourself squashed in a toilet stall, complete with a pushchair and your bundle of joy. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are violating your babies nostrils (not that I'd know of course) but I'm sure it's just another item to add to the mum guilt list. Well 'no more' because 'Stress No More' can save us that indignity at least.

Poo-Pourri comes in many different' flavours' and it really made me smile a lot that there is a little charm around the bottle top, giving a shimmer of gorgewoir about it.

So much more effective than matches, it's a must for all your bathrooms, especially if you're a Unicorn.

It's a absolute bargain from £2.99 a bottle, which lasts ages. Go on click on the pictures above and buy a bottle for Unicorns everywhere.

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