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Stain Removal Vlog

I put this vlog about stain removal (removes all stains) on my Facebook Page last week and it's had over 20k views! As it's been so popular I thought I would share it on my blog for those of you that don't have FaceBook.

My mum taught me this technique and it really does work on all stains, which is a must when you have a baby...

Here it is written down

​1. Use fairy liquid to get the stain out by rubbing it on the stain with water

2. Put a colour run pad and a scoop of vanish in a bowl of hot water and soak item in that.

3. Make sure all fairy liquid is out of clothes, because in my mum's own words, "You don't want it to knacker your machine." and then just put the clothes in the washing machine as normal.

Result - Stain free clothes - it even works on bolognese ladies!

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