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Wedding Mums

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If you all watched Ayden, Phoenix and I on The Lorraine Show earlier this week, you will know that we announced our wedding will be next month! If you missed it you can watch it above.

This is of course in the main, a parenting blog, so what on earth am I doing writing about my wedding?

Well, it struck me that a lot of us mums are having lavish 'shotgun weddings' these days. I know at least two other mums that have either just wed the father of their one year old child or are about to and I know at least a handful of others who have had their children but just haven't got round to arranging their big day yet. So I figure it is actually quite a big topic for fellow parents, so here I am sharing about mine.

When you meet your 'happy ever after' you plan to do the wedding first but it doesn't always work out that way. Thankfully gone are the days when ladies get locked up in the local asylum for having their children before marriage and so bring on the days where your children actually walk you down the aisle along side their grandfather!

Ayden romantically proposed to me on top of the Empire State building in our favourite city, New York on the 18th November 2014 and we didn't intend to have a long engagement at all but then stressful life took over, followed by the happy birth of Phoenix and here we are two years later.

He'll want a divorce before we're even married for telling you this but I must share with you that when he got down on one knee I thought his vertigo had just got the better of him. It was only when I heard the people around us saying, "Oh my god, look what's happening", that I realised what he was doing. The sky was beautiful as it was just as the sun was setting over the Hudson River and he was smiling so much he looked like he might cry and he said, "You know the question". He looked so happy, it made me cry too and I believe I nodded, said yes (obviously) and cried. He of course, insists he said more than that but if he did I was so overcome with happiness I really don't remember but I do often tease him that he hasn't actually asked me yet, to which he just smiles and shakes his head.

So here we are now arranging a wedding, a bit last minute but we just didn't want to wait any longer. It is so exciting but my goodness it's a lot to arrange!

Amazingly, I have found the most enchanting dress already and I've only been looking a few weeks.

I'm such a tomboy I never dreamed I would be frequenting bridal shops and trying on dresses. I thought I'd hate it but the fairy in me soon took over and embraced the search for the perfect dress. I thought I had an idea of the type of dress I might like and after trying on what feels like 50 beautiful dresses I have found the most magically perfect one, for me and it really isn't one I would have chosen from the look of it but once I was wearing it I knew it couldn't be more perfect. It is my dress, it was made for me.

I am blessed, as I have the most excellent team in a top bridal boutique helping me to choose the right dress and they gave me every type of bridal gown to try on. They also boosted my confidence all along the way. Sadly, they tell me they have to do this for all their brides-to-be and I wish I could tell you ladies the secret to loving yourselves and seeing your unique beauty but I don't how to do this myself. I had to almost chant inwardly the whole time I was trying the dresses on (you are good enough, you are good enough) I guess it must of worked a little because I did like myself in the stunning dress I finally chose.

Now I just hope that Ayden is blown away by the dress and by me in it! I'm excited and nervous to see his face as I walk down the aisle. I think this is something all brides must feel, did I chose the right dress to make his heart melt? It such a fairy tale 'veil in time' as you walk down the aisle. You really want that precious moment that your soul mate, first sees you in the dress he will marry you in, to be a moment he remembers and makes his heart swell with pride and happiness forevermore.

We have found a wonderful venue and we have some great ideas for our special day, that we will eventually share with you. There is still so much to do, I didn't realise wedding planning was so full on but it is also great fun.

I will keep sharing the odd wedding post for all of you whom might be interested and of course I will be blogging and vlogging, reviewing and giving away treats for you to win here on HoneyMumster as always.

I will also be starting 'BeautyWell' soon. A beauty blog (from HoneyMumster) for ladies that are over 30 and for ladies that just don't think they are beautiful, even though we all are.

I'll try and share with you some tricks I have learnt along the way and be testing some products for you, so do look out for that. Sorry dads! You never know what you might learn about us ladies though ;)

I can't tell you how excited I am to get married....

After all Ayden and I have been through and it's so much more than you even know, we are proof there is a 'happy-ever-after' and I will share the fairy tale with you,wicked witches and all a we go along.

Our little Phoenix has healed our tears and pulled us out of the ashes. Let the magic begin.....

"A heart filled with love is like a Phoenix that no cage can imprison." -Rumi-

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