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Chocolate Fountians, Popcorn & Parties

Phoenix will be a whole year old on 25th August. I can't quite believe it. Where has the time gone? This time last year I was waiting to give birth to him, now he's running around terrorising the cat!

So many people have asked me, what are going to do for his first birthday and honestly I just don't know. I have scoured the internet for ideas for birthday parties for a one year old and really there isn't a great deal to go on that doesn't cost an arm and a leg or just has no significance.

I know I want to mark his first year with some pictures of him and I think I know who I want to take those but what do I do for a small gathering of friends and family, that's more fun than jam sandwiches and I can keep forever to use at parties or even just on rainy days again and again?

After a whole month of research I think I have found the perfect party accessories and they are from the same retailer.

Step forward, CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN WAREHOUSE click on link to view website

They have a whole range of things to make kids parties fun food wise and their products are extremely well made and also built to last. The price is more than some of the cheaper brands but in my experience they don't last. It's always better to pay a little more (and it is only a little) to get something that does a fantastic job, is easy to clean and lasts a whole childhood and more.

Looking at their site, I suddenly realised what could be more perfect for a bunch of one year olds than a chocolate fountain? Healthy, fruity pieces with a birthday chocolate bonus of perfectly melted chocolate. Older kids at the party will love helping themselves and the younger kids will be chomping on fruit, while getting messy... What's not to love!

The lazy me wanted to make sure, before I buy, that their chocolate fountains are easy to clean (as some of the cheaper ones aren't) and let's face it, if it's not easy to clean, it get's used once and then lives in the cupboard forever more. After a little test run I can confirm that they are super easy to clean and dishwasher safe too. Unlike lots of Chocolate Fountains the motor is really quiet, so your little ones won't be scared by a whirring motor and I'm told that this is the whisper motor. It also has a bonus heater in the machine so you don't have to microwave the chocolate first, which is great for us, as we don't have a microwave!

I have fallen in love with this machine and I will be getting one for Phoenix's first birthday for sure. I feel it is an investment as I know in the future it will be such a fun, 'around the table thing', to do. It's never gonna get boring and the quality of the machine means it should last until Phoenix's 18th birthday!

I did also fall in love with Chocolate Fountain Warehouse's Popcorn carts! Who wouldn't?

Obviously Phoenix is way too young to eat popcorn, I think the recommended age is 5 and I would say wait a bit longer than 5 to be sure. It did strike me though, what a great preset this would make for a party for him in the future. They are not that cheap on first look but when you weigh up the use you will get out of this, it's a real investment.

Not only can you roll it out for every party, including weddings, birthdays and general gatherings like, Summer barbecues. It would also be a great fun sleep over extra, movie night bonus and a Christmas Day around the tree dream snack.

It's a great piece of furniture and something your child will treasure forever.

It even struck me, as I do a lot of these, it's the perfect fundraiser for school fetes and charity events. The supplies are really cheap and so it's really not a bank breaker to keep it stocked up. You could charge a pound a box and make a tidy sum for your schools sports hall (or whatever these fetes are for).

I quizzed the people at Chocolate Fountain Warehouse about these carts and I can confirm they are even easier than the Chocolate Fountains to clean and that was a breeze.

When Phoenix turns 5 or 6 I will definitely invest in one of these popcorn machines. I may even do it sooner just for me to enjoy on movie nights. They really are quite cheap when you look at the family fun to be had and what a fun and swanky addition to any room in the house it is too.

I wasn't asked to do this review or paid. It comes from love. I wanted to give you something a little outside the box to think about for your little monkey's birthdays, something you can use their whole childhoods and they can treasure forever.

The Chocolate Fountain Warehouse have many other treasures and fun food items like donut machines and candy floss makers to name but a few, so do check them out. I have a feeling by the time Phoenix is 10 I'll have brought the whole store! I can find any excuse for a treat and surely that's what makes the world go round or it certainly should do.

In our throw away society I think I have found something that's actually worth the money. I think it's important to show our children the joy of having things to treasure. The importance of quality and the absolute magic of treats!

Expect more birthday blogs as I explore the wonderful world of children's parties. this is deffo my top find though!

#NotSponsored #ReviewedWithLove (all pics link you to their website)

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