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For Good Heath & Looking Good - Stokke

Last week myself and a few other parenting bloggers were invited to a Stokke event in heart of London. I went along with an open mind even though I have no Stokke products at all. What I found out is that I really didn't do my research when choosing certain products for Phoenix and instead of thinking about his welfare, on the whole I went for the look of the product and the ease of use for me, what I found out from Stokke, changed my mind about how I will chose products in future.

You see from the picture above, that I am a contortionist (yes that is me in a storage box). In simple terms this means that I have extra stretch in my ligaments, so I can bend more than most human beings. What fun I hear you say and you're right it is a lovely blessing but it also means I do have to keep fit and strong and I have to take care of my posture and exercise plenty to prevent my joints from dislocating.

Phoenix is also super bendy I've noticed and so I realise I should be looking at ways to strengthen his muscular system to protect his skeletal one. I've already decided that gymnastics will be a good hobby for him, just as it was for me and that I will keep an eye on his development so that he stays strong enough to support his condition, also known as 'Stretchy Syndrome'.

With all this in mind, you can imagine how shocked I was when I attended the Stokke event to learn that even in his very early, crucial development stages I have chosen the look of products, over the science of my babies physical development and I am appalled at myself and the ignorance I have allowed myself to have in this area. In my defence (against myself) I'm not sure any mum chooses a product based on science (even though we probably should do) and it's not always that clear in the marketing of product, why we should buy it and so that's why I am writing this blog.

Stokke pride themselves on the science of the 'Tripp Trapp' highchair and they absolutely should do. David at 'Back In Action' (who has had a spinal injury) demonstrated to me by using Phoenix how, unlike other highchairs, the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair encourages your child to use their back muscles to sit up straight and it also enhances their mobility as well as their balance. Phoenix can sit up pretty straight but he tends to hold tight to everything. However, as he sat there in the Tripp Trapp chair with no harness on, he didn't hold on and he sat their perfectly comfortably and happy and he usually hates being in a highchair. David explained, this was because he had somewhere to place his feet and that children drive all their movement from their feet. If the soles are firmly planted on a step then the child feels confident and in control and so they will sit up straight, relaxed and happy.

Not only does the Tripp Trapp do all this, it also adjusts easily as your child grows, it grows with them right until they are able to sit on an adult chair and beyond. They can also sit at the actual table with you and there is no need for a tray and I absolutely love that.

Phoenix has a highchair and I won't say the make but I have hated it since he started to sit in it. I never put the tray on, it's so fussy with padding and straps that I never feel like it's truly clean and quite frankly it's an eyesore in my kitchen. I thought that it looked comfortable for Phoenix when I brought it - but having chatted to the wonderful people at Stokke, I can see he's not that comfortable at all, he cries most of the time he's in it, the fact that it reclines back is terrible for his posture and it's not very good for his digestion at all.

I won't name names on the make of hair chair I have at the moment, as I'm not here to be negative but what I will say is I'm so glad it's not too late to change to the 'Tripp Trapp' and I most definitely will be doing so. It's never too late to start as you mean to go on and with so many children (especially teenagers) with terrible postures I want to make sure I get this right with Phoenix and the 'Tripp Trapp' is as good a place to start as any.

What I didn't realise is that Stokke started out producing bus seats and furniture for adults when the company was first established in 1932. Their collection consisted of recliners, ergonomic seating solutions and home office systems, all with the health of the spine in mind.

The first product for children was launched in 1972 - the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair designed by Peter Opsvik, who was passionate about the spine being able to move and therefore preventing any problems and strengthening the back muscles to help ease any potential problems.

With all this in mind I have now started looking at some of Stokke's other products. I must confess, I was pretty anti their pushchairs as so many people had told me how wonderful they are that it irritated me and put me off. How silly of me! If I'd bothered to look at the history of the company I would have realised that they don't make anything purely for the look alone (even though all their products are very stylish) and that in fact the well being of the child and their development is their first and main concern always.

Their first stroller was launched in 2003 –the innovative Stokke® Xplory® introducing the concept of high parent-facing seating. How simple and yet how brilliant. I've always hated the way most pushchairs, by design, enforce that you push your child 'bumper height' in to the road. It makes complete sense to me now I am applying my brain, that it's so much better for your child to be up at your height, facing you so that you can interact with each other, helping their language and social development come on leaps and bounds, in a way it never could with a pushchair that is knee height and keeps their attention away from you.

I also love the fact that once you have purchased their products there is no need to keep upgrading. The products grow as your child grows. Even their premium children's furniture range are sustainable products that last and promote bonding and healthy development for children and their families through most of their childhood.

Having owned absolutely no Stokke Products, I cannot recommend them enough to new parents, there is no question. Sure I love my pushchair as it stores neatly in the over head locker on a plane for when I travel abroad - but for all the other times I use a pushchair, which is a lot, I wish I had got myself the Stokke Xplory so I can socialise with my son and it goes without saying I will be purchasing a Tripp Trapp highchair for Phoenix, as it's never too late to buy one of these genius products.

Thank you Stokke for opening my eyes and making me use my brain, something so few have accomplished!

Phoenix and me at Stokke Event George Street, London. You can see by his face, he's thinking, why don't we have these things in our house you mother?

This post is not sponsored, if I didn't like the products I simply would not have done the blog. I just want to share with you the errors I have made in the hope that you won't! I still have no Stokke products and I will be saving up to rectify this!

Thank you Stokke for opening my eyes and reminding me that being a parent is about research and finding out what is best for your child, Baby products can be for the good health of your bundles of joy as well as accessories for mums, Stokke have the solutions for both...

Back in Action Marylebone is Stokke’s flagship London store. Find out more at

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