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Busy As A HoneyMumster!

It's not a secret that mums are always busy but man the last few months have been ridiculous!

Obviously the cat is out of the bag now, Ayden and I are married! It's official, it's in OK! Magazine, I am Mrs Callaghan. It's so nice to be able to tell the world after a month of keeping it a secret so OK! Mag had the exclusive, but yay I can say it, we are married and I am no longer the mistress mother to my son!

Go buy it, it's on sale this week and I'm too busy to even tell you all about it! I think I'll get round to some nice cosy wedding blogs in about two weeks time, if I'm lucky!

I feel like I'm in a race at the moment and I don't know where the track is leading me but I know I can't stop running!

Phoenix has been teething relentlessly which you all know is exhausting! Who'd have thought those little pegs would cause us and our little ones so much pain and our lives so much disturbance.

Babies and toddlers routines change by the day anyway, just when you think you have it locked down and you are finally queen bee of your brood, our little buggers declare shenanigans and smash up your nice neat routines. However, pre- teething households, be warned, teething takes this to a different level!

I did recently make a smashing find for teething though...

Teething Clips by Mama and Belle. Phoenix loves this and it stops him biting my keys, pram straps, my purse and my fingers so it's a winner in my book... it also stops him losing his dummy! Double threat purchase.

I urge you to get one, you will not be sorry, it's definitely not a waste of money. They do jewellery too - but I hate too much girlie stuff so I prefer this Dummy Clip. Click on the picture to check out their website. They are safe, pretty and babies just gotta gnaw on them, what's not to love!

As well as teething, to contend with my work at the moment is demanding, I do regular trips to London, usually with Phoenix and often alone.

Now, it is usually for something lovely like a product launch or the lovely Mum and Working Awards (for which I won the prize) so I am not complaining about that. Nor do I complain about getting the train. Virgin trains are wonderful when it comes to travelling with your 'favourite smalls'. What absolutely kills me is the mental gymnastics I now have to do when I go anywhere and everywhere.

Is Phoenix tired? When can I fit in Phoenix's meal time? Where are the best changing facilities cos I'l need to be close to them when he has his pants explosion at sometime mid morning. All this, while trying to coolly look like I'm totally on top of this working mum thing and trying to impress potential employers.

Then let's talk about doing work emails on your phone while doing all of the above and when you are in your forties! The level of concentration that takes could mean I need a day in bed to recover alone! Of course, yes I probably need glasses, but I'm not ready to accept that yet. Yes I could get a laptop but that's just another thing to carry around as well as farty pants' nappy bag and all his snackies and change of clothes because although he rarely has a poo- splosion these days, he's sure to be filthy as although he can actually walk now, he refuses to as he's just not fast enough at it for his liking!

Even when we are just at home, I rarely get him in the bath before 8pm and then as he settles down to watch football or Family Guy (I'm such a responsible mum - not) with his father, I settle down in front of my computer screen , to the slowest internet on the planet (soon to be upgraded) to answer emails and write about how busy I am!

Mums every where, I ask you.... do any of you ever get on top of it all? I know JK Rowling once said she didn't write Harry Potter with a tidy house and of course, how could she..? But I'm not writing Harry Potter, not even close. I'm just connecting with other parents and trying to prove I can write as well as act and present... Yet all too often my house is a tip and I'm eating cashew nuts for tea again....

I want to be busy, I live to be busy and I think now my rant about being busy is over I realise I have this, the one thing I've always dreamed of is.... being busy and having my family means every day I'm busy and every day, I fall in love with being alive...

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