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Wedding Week - Day 1

I wanted to do a 'wedding week blog' (hopefully it will be the only wedding I have) so I could share with you all the wonderful companies that we decided to use for our special day and why. For those of you that are bored shitless by weddings, I apologise as that used to be me, however a lot of the products could be nice for Christmas gifts too (wedding dress aside) so please do bear with me, you may just find a gem in there that you love!

I wanted to start this 5 day wedding blogging bonanza though with an explanation as to why in this day and age did I get married!

I spent the first 40 years of my life in fact, absolutely positive that I would not get married. First of all, never in my wildest dreams did I believe anyone would be silly enough to ask me and secondly I just did not want to be a 'Mrs' -there's something terribly old sounding about being a Mrs, something matronly and grown up and personally, I just wanted to drift through life being a faery.

Even when I first met Ayden I told him under no circumstances would I ever get married or have kids and here I am, Mrs Callaghan, mother of one! Of course you all know that Phoenix is the best thing that ever happened to me and Ayden is a close second (sorry husband, you were number one but us mums will always put our kids first and you should be glad we do). So I figured, if motherhood turned out to be so great,, then maybe just maybe, being married might just be up there with one of the best things I've ever done too and so far, it is - but only because I have married Mr Right.

Ayden is a very loving, generous and kind man and he's a real man too, he's not some fake tanned, overly preened metrosexual dickbrain, he's a real alpha male. I love the fact that when we met he knew that he wanted me in his life and he made sure that I was. He didn't play any games, he just made sure I knew that he was going to be in my life and that was that. In his own words, "He man marked me off the pitch." Lucky old me. Of course like all men he can be a complete bell-end - but that's only about 3 times a year, so I reckon I lucked out there too.

The other reason I wanted to get married, is an old fashioned one and I'm surprised that it matters to me but it does. Basically, I really didn't like having a different surname to Phoenix. His name is Phoenix Hudson Callaghan. My legal name was Sarah Jane Walker. Of course my 'stage name' (Sarah Jane Honeywell) I don't mind being different and I will of course be keeping my stage name - but not having the same legal name as him and his dad, made me feel like his 'mistress mother' and I really didn't like that. In this day and age it's silly I know but I just feel like it's better all round for children to have the same name as their mother and father and if that's not possible because the parents have split up then they should have the surname of both parents.

I know this is an old fashioned view and like I say it shocks me that I feel this way as I'm not usually traditional at all but with this I am.

We originally thought we would have a quiet wedding in our favourite City, New York. Maybe at Grand Central which is a favourite place of ours or on top of the Empire State, where Ayden proposed to me two year before. Then (drum roll please) OK! magazine came to us and said they would love to do our wedding and because we have some of the most amazing parents and friends on the planet, we figured, why not have a party not only to celebrate our love but all the love in our lives with the best people in the world.

We found the most magical and perfect venue at Nunsmere Hall in Northwich near Chester. It's an award-winning country house, within the beautiful Delamere Forest. With 35 bedrooms it was the perfect setting for our modest, 70 people do.

Expect a blog about this place - but for now just let me say that the house, grounds, bedrooms, food and the staff made us feel like royalty. They were wonderful - it could not have been a more perfect day and I put this mainly down to the venue who went more than an extra mile.

The perfect venue left us with a slight problem though in that, the only free weekend they had was, 17th September 2016, which left us only 8 weeks to get the day of dreams ready....

You'd think we would have panic stations but that's not really our style, so we drifted in to it as weeks flashed by us.

We didn't even have a clear idea of the theme that we wanted, we knew vaguely we wanted it to be prohibition style but helped along by our wedding event planners, 'Qube Events' we soon came up with the perfect idea, based around that theme with wonderful touches that made it so much more personal to us....

I have to say Qube were excellent and helped us plan the absolute dream day. There will be a blog about those guys too this week. They are an award winning wedding company and rightly so as they were simply amazing.

All the people you will read about this week were absolutely awesome and it's thanks to them that we really did pull off the most magnificent day, full of laughter and love.

I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures and the whole experience with you this week and hopefully if you're planning a wedding, give you some ideas!

If you haven't seen it yet you can glimpse of our wedding day here. This was filmed by the brilliant Squashed Apple, who captured our day with and extra sprinkle of magic

I still haven't got round to changing my name on legal forms etc nor have I signed my name as 'Mrs Callaghan' yet. Even two months after we got married it does feel weird to be a Mrs Callaghan but it also feels wonderful. We are a family and Phoenix carries on the Callaghan name like a little warrior king.