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Wedding Week - Day 2 The dress...

Wedding Pictures by Tony Ward

The dress! Well I have to start with the dress and even if I say so myself it was and is magnificent!

I am not a princess by nature, I'm a tomboy and honestly the thought of walking down the aisle in a big, fat, princess dress filled me with absolute dread. I actually always imagined I'd wear a dress like Christina Peri in her Jar Of Hearts video, should I ever get married....

Of course when it came to my big day, I knew I couldn't wear that as firstly, Ayden is not a punk like me and I think he would have actually killed me in a hollyoaks wedding style.

Secondly, when it comes down to it, even though I'm a tom boy, punk, faery, I actually did want to look like a princess on my special day and finally I think the editor at OK! Magazine would have had a heart attack had I graced that little number on their prestigious magazine pages. So I needed help big style to find the right dress to suit me but also please my husband and OK! Mag and I found it at a lovely little shop on Rose Lane in Liverpool who were simply amazing.

The fabulous ladies at Liverpool Bridal Boutique helped me find my beautiful dress and they made it so much fun too. They took me on a magical journey while searching for the right dress, I think I tried on every style of dress known to man and I enjoyed it and believe me I hate clothes shopping! They absolutely know what they are talking about when it comes to looking your best on your special day.

The dress I ended up with which is a couture dress By Allure Bridals - the name, Madison James MJ252

Honestly, when Lynn from Liverpool Bridal Boutique showed me that dress on the hanger, I thought, I'll try it on but I'll deffo hate it! It's too big for little me and Ayden specifically said he did not want it to be a huge 'gypsy wedding dress' on his bride.

However, it just shows how getting the right bridal shop is essential for choosing the right dress. The minute I put it on I knew it was the dress for me and so did every one in the shop.

It was about my third visit to the shop to try dresses on and this time I meant business as I had brought my lovely mum with me (this is essential ladies - take your mum or a friend with you at least once). We had narrowed it down to about 3 dresses. Then Lynn, one of the owners, brought out this dress as her wild card. How clever of her! I was struggling to chose between the dresses I thought I liked and the whimsical punk in me still thought I might try to wear Dr Martens..... Then this dress changed everything, I had found the perfect dress for me, I was ready to be a princess.

I loved every thing about it, from the flamenco style train, to the see through boned back, meaning I could show off my tattoo. The fish tail made me look taller and the boned corset style front, meant my boobies were up where they should be on a ladies wedding day. It could not have been more perfect.

They did have to teach me how to walk in it though and they also showed me how to totally own being a princess for the day.

I kept tripping over when I first put it on and no one wants to see the bride fall on her nose end as she walks down the aisle - but it didn't take long to show me how to wear my beautiful dress with grace and they made sure that every detail was attended to, they even came to the venue on the day and made sure everything was finished to perfection.

I was so nervous about Ayden seeing me for the first time before I walked down the aisle. I think this must be something all brides go through though. Of course you want your husband to think you are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen on your wedding day. I thought, holy fuck, my dress is quite big, what if he hates it! Of course he didn't though, everyone loved it and why wouldn't they?

I actually hate getting dolled up as I always think, when you look a bit rough around the edges, people look at you and think there's a chance you might scrub up. But when you look your absolute best there's nowhere to go, if they don't think you're pretty then that's it! Luckily, I believe my lovely husband thought I looked lovely and he's all that mattered as I walked down through the aisle of candles and smiling faces. Apparently, I even got a wolf whistle, I didn't hear it but I'll take that all day long!

Tomorrow I'll talk shoes and bridesmaids dresses..... I leave you with me running off before I turned back in to my usual pumpkin self x

Pictures by Tony Ward & The Wardette Studio