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Bridesmaids, Shoes, Gifts & Crown

Picture by Tony Ward

Joanna Forest (left) Claire Sparrow (right)

My two bridesmaids are the best mates a girl could ever wish for. I am lucky in that I do have a LOT of great female friends and each and every one of them bring joy and a great deal of magic in to my life and each and everyone of them have been there both in the darkness of life and when it's light too. I want to mention them all and I will but this piece is for my bridesmaids, my own personal angels.

Claire 'Sparrow' and Joanna Forest have both been in my life the same amount of time. I met them at the end of 2000 while I was playing Peter Pan at the Cliff's Pavilion in Southend. I knew when I met them we would be life long friends, What I didn't know is just how many times they would pick me up when I fell or make me laugh until I cried.

These two beautiful souls, who ooze beauty, it just shines out from within them, are my kindred spirits. Both of them are completely different but both of them are kind, generous, loving, talented, funny and supremely pretty angels. I honestly don't know what I would have done without them in my life over these last 16 years and I am so grateful for the sunshine they bring to me every day.

When it came to their dresses I was super aware that as they were going to be in OK! Magazine, with pictures all across the country, I wanted them to feel happy with their dresses and comfortable. They would both look radiant in a paper bag but I really wanted them to choose their dresses so they would feel as much a princess as I did on the wedding day.

We decided that House Of Fraser was a good place to start and we found these beautiful dresses in their 'Biba' range. We had one day where we could all meet in London, the girls tried on a million dresses while I hot footed it to another appointment and when I got back they had narrowed it down to just two dresses, a navy one and the one in the picture.

We hadn't yet decided on my dress, Ayden's suit or a colour scheme so we decided to go for this beautiful nymph-esque champagne dress and I'm so glad that we did. They looked so elegant as they giggled and cried down the aisle.

Then of course the next decision was the shoes. I had no clue where to get my wedding shoes from but then I found Rainbow Club. Their shoes can be died to match any colour and they can also provide shoe jewels and beautiful veils too. The shoes are so well made that I decided that we would all wear Rainbow Club Shoes, they are absolutely beautiful and the staff there could not have been more helpful.

Here are the shoes. I had to go super high as I'm only 4ft 11 and as I was marrying my 6ft 1 husband, I needed all the help I could get. I have to tell you I danced all night in them and they fitted me like Cinderella's Glass Slipper, they were super comfy.

The gifts I chose for my bridesmaids and my lovely mum were by Lily Charms - beautifully made jewellery, so delicate and personal.

I also got both mums this precious keepsake gift from

The Gluttonous Gardener, I absolutely love this website, the gifts are ever lasting and such a lovely reminder of our wedding day. I would recommend this website and their gifts for any occasion and what wonderful caring staff they have!

The icing on the cake for this girl fest (and we haven't even got to the wedding and cheesecake yet) is of course my tiara or head band... This absolutely stunning, handmade piece, was made by the brilliant, Rosie Willett. This wonderful lady, I believe, must be half elf, she is so clever and her head pieces are so delicate, intricate and enchanting. I will treasure this forever. I hope it will be passed down for generations to come. Rosie also made me matching hair clips for my beautiful bridesmaids.

Ladies, even if you're not getting married, get one of her beautiful crowns and you will feel like a princess every day.

Finally, a huge thank you to my wonderful bridesmaids not just for looking stunning on the day and selflessly carrying me through it, with laughter and joy from 7am in the morning until midnight. Thank you for being my friends, for always being there for me and for always being you.