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Wedding Food

Pictures by Tony Ward

Cheesecake by Godminster Farm

The beautiful setting for our wedding, Nunsmere Hall is a 2 AA Rosette Restaurant, so it goes without saying that the food they provided was excellent! Of course being the bride and not a massive foodie I didn't really eat much on the day but we wanted our guests to have all their senses thrilled and with the help of some very fine foodie extras, as well as Nunsmere's own delights I think we pulled that off.

Of course in the main I steer away from any animal products, whereas my husband is happy to eat a whole cow - what I really don't like to do and I actually don't think it's helpful, is force my dietry views on others, we are all capable of making our own political decisions about food and that should be respected. So it was not a vegan wedding. It was a wedding to thrill all our guests by using the best companies we could find.

No wedding is complete these days without a tiered cheesecake as well a traditional wedding cake and the lovely people at Godminster Farms went above and beyond with ours. In my opinion (and I looked at every singe cheesecake provider on this Island of ours) their's is easily the best. As you can see in our pictures, it was quite the centre piece. Let me tell you it did not last very long before it was demolished and I was thrilled to find that our brilliant photographer, Tony Ward (official OK! Magazine photographer) and his lovely daughter, Gemma from The Wardette Studios managed to get this picture before the wedding troupes made their joyous ambush. If you are getting married or even just having a Christmas gathering, this cheesecake is the business and well worth the money. Couple it with Godminster Farm's Chutney and Crackers and your party will be the one to remember! We tracked this wonderful cheesecake down on the Yumbles website, which is one of my favourite online, all natural food markets. This site is a great place to know about for all your Christmas food shopping, all the products they stock are both delicious and unusual and their service is excellent.

For our canape's we tried something completely different and went for everyone's favourite Krispy Kreme Donuts and pop corn freshly made by using one of Chocolate Fountain Warehouse's Popcorn Karts. I always find the canapes a little dull at weddings. there's never enough to fill you up and they are always a bit lacking in lustre and wow factor. They can also really take up a lot of your food and drinks budget. After weighing up the costs of the enthralling Krispy Kreme Donut Tower and the excitement of purchasing our very own Chocolate Fountain Popcorn Kart, we realised it was actually a cheaper option and so much more fun than your traditional canapes, of mini, weird looking foods that no one really enjoys anyway.

Let me tell you that we didn't get one picture of that wonderful, Krispy Kreme Donut Tower. Not even our guests managed to get a picture for us, they were too busy stuffing their faces with them! They flew in to the mouths of our revellers. Ayden and I didn't even get to see it , as we were having our photo's taken during canapes. The sugar did it's job though and seem to fuel the fun and encourage the proseco drinking.

Here is a picture of said towers that I found online. Praise indeed to Krispy Kreme that their donuts didn't last long enough for one picture

The donuts were delivered by Krispy Kreme, completely hassle free on the morning of the wedding, so they were super fresh. What was really nice is that with a tower of 216 donuts and only 70 day time guests, there were a few left over for the evening guests too. This really was a great use of our budget and I highly recommend getting creative with your canapes.

The popcorn kart idea came from an earlier blog. You may remember it. I wrote a piece about Chocolate Fountain Warehouse Popcorn Karts as an idea for kid's parties, as I think they are a great gift for your children to treasure and use all through their childhood and later when they are all grown up too, maybe even on their wedding day. While writing that piece, I got the idea for having a kart for our wedding and I'm so glad that I did. The smell of delicious popcorn infused the canapes and the evening with smells of childhood and cosy joy. The staff at Nunsmere seem to love the job of using the kart and we even had popcorn in the bar the night before and after the wedding. Now we enjoy popcorn most weekends and it's just a great fun toy and an attractive piece of furniture to have in any household.

Both Krispy Kreme donuts and the popcorn cart actually cost us less than most canapes would normally cost and they were truly enjoyed by both daytime and evening guests and we have the added bonus of owning a popcorn cart at the end of it.

For our favours, we used my favourite chocolatiers, Choc On Choc. I love the way they see chocolate. I often used their unusually crafted chocolates for pantomine opening night gifts, as they are made so creatively and so much fun, as well as being utterly delicious. I didn't even have to think about who to use for favours for our wedding, the guys at Choc On Choc were the only real contenders. With so many wonderful themes for chocolate, it was really just a case of choosing the best theme for us. We used their, 'Retro Chocolate Ice-lollies Set' - purely for that fact that they are so much fun! They came beautifully, individually wrapped and let me tell you, not one was left over for me to enjoy the next day! Sadly, they were so delicious that no one managed to take a picture! But here they are for you to see.

We also had whiskey favours that Ayden made himself! Little Light Invites made our wonderful invites and all our signs at the wedding and were happy to make these delightful bottle labels for us too. Our theme was 'Prohibition America' and these little personal bottles just helped get the party going!

The wine and sparkles we used were from one of our favourite wine makers, Ste-MIchelle. This is Washington's oldest and most acclaimed winery. It was hard to choose from their delicious range of wines so we went for a case of each. By the evening barely a bottle was left and most of guests wanted to know where and how to order bottles for themselves to enjoy in future. We found this wonderful wine with Entoria & Coe a new and fast growing and wonderful company, with an expert staff, who know more about wines and spirits than I know about sugar and as I believe I could be part elf, that's an awful lot. Please do try this wine, another addition to your Christmas party and gift list, you will not be sorry!

My final offering, in this little section of the food and wine that we enjoyed heartily at our wedding, is the cake! Which deserves two pictures, It was so beautiful to look at and delicious to eat! It came from White Lace Cakes and my goodness it is the most moist, delicious, dreamy cake I have ever had! Not only did they make us a 4 tier cake in flavours of, Cherry and almond, Caramel and a Cookies flavour, which was a white chocolate mud cake, I think we had this one twice. They also made us cupcakes and 'cake jars' that were so delicious people were queuing up for them! I actually did get to try this cake and it was like eating a small piece of heaven. The lady who owns the company worked alongside our award winning, creative team at 'Qube Events' to get the flowers and presentation of the cake just right too, it really did look a million dollars.

We didn't really have a wedding planner, which I thought would be super stressful when it came to the delivery of all the food, some of which arrived on the day of the wedding but coupled with the professionalism of the staff at Nunsmere Hall and the wonderful companies that we used, all the food, from Nunsmere Hall's awarded catering to our mini ice-cream shaped, chocolate favours it was all absolutely perfect and the whole day came together for our guests to feast on delicious treats all day and night. We of course also had a marvellous sweet-cart with more sweets on it than can be found in Santa's workshop but that is for another blog. Now I'm off to get some wedding cake out of the freezer and to make some popcorn because after all that, I'm starving....

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