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Peace On Earth...

2016 has been a strange year for shocks and change. Looking at social media some of us feel those changes more abruptly than others. Some out there, feed in to the hysteria and some of us are more fearful of what the future may or may not bring than others - but all of us, must admit that certainly in politics, historical events have taken place, which at this point in time do not feel comfortable and could herald great or diabolical change, but change non the less.

Of course, we cannot predict the future but we can and do influence it greatly with our thoughts and actions. Social media, chatterbox that it is, has given us all such powerful voices. Never before in history have we had so much power to swerve each others reactions to things. The cyber consciousness that we have created has a responsibility now, for the sake of mankind. We have that power at least.

The picture above is of the Crescent Earth, as seen from the light side of the moon tonight. Such beauty and peace, such magic and so consistent in it's phases, ever changing but always returning to the same patterns of natural beauty. Quiet in it's Majesty. Our home, our children's home, our planet, our only real chance of a future.

When I look at that picture, just like when I look at Phoenix as he sleeps, my heart is filled with a sense of peace and happiness and I think, if only mankind focused on these things, the things that truly matter, I know we will be alright.

Looking at that picture, there is peace here on Earth and it's really not that hard to find.

It's not in how we look, it's not in how much we earn, it's definitely not in how many followers we have on twitter or who lives the most lavish lifestyle. Peace is right there in front of you. It's in your child's face, it's in the golden leaves that fall from the trees. It's in the sunbeam that shines down from the clouds and it's in knowing that the wonderful generous planet that we live on, can look so magical from way up high on that beautifully cold moon.

So often it seems these days, the things I am hoping for don't always happen. Too many times I feel disappointment or like I'm swimming against a river that flows in the opposite direction to where I want to go. This used to bring on an overbearing obsession and a depression for the things that were eluding me. It would drive me in to a distant torturous place of longing, taking me away from right here and now. Taking me away from what I do have.

We all struggle and we all wish for the things we do not have. It's human nature to yearn for more, for better. It takes us forward and it gives us a reason - but don't let it take you away from the hear and now anymore. Don't let it take you away from your child's face and the happiness that actually brings.

We have been programmed to fear change. It comes from the dark ages when the devil was used to keep us down, to keep us sad. There is no devil. The only damage you can do is to yourself by not living for today. There is beauty everywhere, even when things go wrong. Focus on that and life will only get better and brighter.

I have been off Prozac now for about 4 months I think. What's startling to me is that I haven't even been counting. I don't fear the darkness my mind used to bring anymore. It's just my creative friend. I realise now and it's all I needed to see, that it is how we look at things that makes all the difference to everything.

Sometimes, when I think perhaps on the moon it's a crescent Earth and my mind is quiet so I can notice the magic this planet brings. I look at my baby sleeping or laughing or chatting to me and I embrace just how lucky I am. In those quiet moments, I feel at peace with everything and so grateful for my magical life.