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Christmas Is Coming...

Today we went to Ludlow Christmas Fayre. Once the Christmas lights have gone up and the Christmas Markets begin, it cannot be denied, it's Christmas....

I'd like to say Phoenix is loving his life being dragged round all the festively twinkling markets but I fear that I am loving it more than he is this year. At the tender age of one, he can't possibly know that the countdown to Santa coming has begun and there are very few days left to be good before the that big fat, old man tries to bounce himself down our chimneys by breaking and entering in to our homes...

I hope I'm not on the naughty list now for calling him old, fat and a robber. Meh well, it won't be the first time I have failed to behave my little self and it won't be the last. This is however, perhaps the last year I can get away with it before my child expects me to behave better than he does, that's gonna suck some pretty big bum hole! Perhaps I can make him believe that I'm like Will Farrell and in fact an elf who works for Santa, therefore I can mis-behave. Like he's gonna believe that!

Every year at Christmas for 20 years I have worked my arse off, either in panto or Cbeebies Live! Arena Tours or just in musicals. It's really only in the last few years that I have been able to appreciate the build up to this glittering holiday season and I must say I am loving it. I did not realise what a wonderfully naughty time of year it is. How clever our ancestors were when they created the Winter Solstice, followed by all the other religions who cleverly created celebrations of some sort at this time of year too. It truly does pull us all through those cold, dark nights of winter. The glitz and glitter, the fairy lights, festive foods and gifts give us something wonderful to take our minds of the ever fading daylight. I love that we razzle dazzle the darkness away, starting with Halloween, then Firework night delightfully segueing us in to the joyous anticipation of Santa arriving with food and gifts galore, it's poetry in motion.

Now I know Christmas can be a stressful time of year but halt that thought. It does not have to be about how much we spend and let's face it, that is what causes all the stress. Isn't it more about the good cheer, the anticipation of something magical and that something magical can be as simple as us all coming together. Or as simple as lighting up the darkness with our fairy lights and tinsel, infusing our senses with tangerines, decorated with cloves and real Christmas trees, while snuggling up away from the cold outdoors in front of a fire to watch a soppy old Christmas film.

This year, for the first time, I appreciate what Christmas is really trying to do. It's just trying to light up the darkness of the winter months so we make it past the solstice without realising it has even happened, leaving us only a few months to get through until the Spring renews us once more and the light returns. It's genius when you think of it that way.

I'm not trying to be the ghost of Christmas past, present and future here, trying to scare away any signs of humbugness, I'm just saying that when you look at Christmas as a way of lighting up the darkness, then it takes some of the pressure of it a way and you can just nestle down and enjoy it.

We have only brought Phoenix 2 gifts so far this year. A little aeroplane he can ride on that he went dotty for from Doddington Hall and an old fashioned spinning top from Birmingham Christmas Market and that's it. He's one year old, he doesn't really need much more. We will be using the nectar points that we have saved from shopping at Sainsbury's to buy our Christmas chocolates as it would be rude not to and there are brilliant online shops like Yumbles, who don't charge the earth for really fantastic festive treats for all our other goodies. I also have Boots Points coming out of my ears, their point system is so great, so I can use those for gifts and shimmery festive make up for me and really that's all we need to spend, so no pressure there either.

So let the fairy lights, baubles and Christmas trees do their job and light up your life and look out on Honeymumster as I have been in touch with Santa and I will have some terrific competition prizes to give away. Secretly this is so I can try and get off the naughty list, by spreading the Christmas Cheer! So please do join in with the fun by entering all my competitions.

More wedding blogs tomorrow - but from the 1st December it will be Christmas o' clock, with funny stories from show biz days and Christmases of old and how to get through Christmas with your babies and favourite smalls without too many tantrums!

While typing this I've had a Marks & Spencer Spiced Iced Bun (definitely get one of these in your tum before the holiday season is out) and some cheesy puffs. I am on the treat train to Christmas Town, I hope you will join me.