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Some of the treats we will be savouring this Christmas... Plus the chance to win a prize worth £50!

When it comes to that Christmas feeling, food is where it's at and one of my favourite online stores to stock up on Christmas Goodies is They are the biggest online marketplace for artisan food & gifts with delicious produce from more than 500 British makers!

They have so many sumptuous goodies ranging from luxurious Christmas Hampers, Christmas Eve treats to wonderful gifts for all the family! And those fantastic people at Yumbles have given Honeymumster a £50 gift voucher for one lucky winner to spend on treats this festive season!

So what will the Callaghan's be stuffing our faces with this year? It's an important question as stocking up at Winter is a tradition that I hope never dies. In my opinion you have to pork out a bit over Christmas or you have no reason for your New Year's resolutions in January!

it's so cold outside that your soul cries out for Christmas comforts to soften the blow of the dark nights and frosty pavements and why shouldn't we treat ourselves? It's the natural thing to do, to keep us that bit warmer and fight off the Winter blues and colds.

We love food in our house and as we will be dining out on Christmas Day, it's even more reason to stock up on supplies for rest of the holiday season. The supermarkets are great but online stores offer so much more and just as I like Marks and Spencer's Foodhall for my weekly shop, I only like Yumbles for my online shopping. With so much more choice, and all at reasonable prices, you don't need to venture out in to the cold this year to stock up. Their quality is better than any store and if you are looking for something a bit different to feast on, then Yumbles is the place to go!

Ayden loves a Ploughman's and so we ordered this deluxe version for him to savour on this Christmas Eve! It serves 4-6 people so he can treat himself from Christmas Eve right through to Boxing Day and with lots of goodies inside, it's a Ploughman's fit for a Christmas King!

The Plough Man's Supper Box contents

Devon Blue 250g

Goddess 200g

Cornish Brie 200g

Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar 200g Apple Chutney

200g Pear & Walnut Chutney

200g Miller’s Damsel Wafers

125gSundried Tomatoes

250gBarbera d’Asti Ceppi Storici,

Piedmont, Italy 75cl

The eve of Christmas is for me, the most magical day of the Yuletide celebrations. The anticipation of the gifts and joys to come, seems to bubble with warmth and joy. We love playing Christmas songs as we get ready for the big day.

When we settle down that evening and the log burner lights up the cosiness of it all, I will be tucking in to some delicious Vegan Chocolates.

The Vegan options for my fireside treats on the Yumbles Website, do not disappoint at all, there are so many vegan and vegetarian goodies in one place.

I'm really looking forward to getting Phoenix to bed on Christmas Eve all cosy with dreams of Santa and presents in his little head, then we will settle down to a lovely Christmas Movie and a box of these Vegan Chocolates, I might even crack open my Vegan Christmas Hamper, while Ayden tucks in to his Yumbles, The Connoisseurs Collection of British Cured Meats...

Such an unlikely pair we are when it comes to food, thank god there are websites like Yumbles that cater for all!

What I love about the Yumbles website is that they have some fabulous gifts too. We brought some good friends of ours the Rum Treasure Chest with Personalised Scroll and for Uncle Bob, one of their best sellers, the Bespoke Blend Gin Kit, which is such a fun gift and really not that pricey at all.

So as you can see, Yumbles is the perfect one stop shop for all your Christmas needs and I personally hope to feast on their treats this Christmas, like the Who's of Whoville.

There's plenty of fun for the kids too. The winner of my competition could spend their Yumbles Voucher on Chocolate Pizzas, Marshmallow Toasting Kits, Night Before Christmas Gift Bags (a lovely Christmas Eve gift), and so much more you really will be spoilt for choice!

So the big question is, how do you enter to win this voucher so you can start spending it on some of these yummy, scrummy treats?

Well, you only have until 6pm tomorrow night (7th December) to enter. So do it now!

All you have do is click on the Yumbles logo and the rest will be explained. I hope you have been paying attention. Merry Christmas to all from Yumbles and from me!