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First steps & the chance to win a toy worth £89.99

Phoenix started to stand on his own from about 8 months old. Such a physical little soldier, I was convinced he'd be walking by the time he was 9 months old - but 9 months came and went, as did 10 months, 11 and 12.

He could stand perfectly well and even transfer himself seamlessly from furniture piece to furniture piece but he would not walk or even attempt it. I think one of the reasons for this is he could crawl so god damn fast and he revelled in crawling around like he was in the baby Olympics any free space and chance he got.

Of course experts tend to say that it's better for babies to walk later rather than early but I tend to think when your baby is ready to walk then that's the right time for them. Early, late or average, it really doesn't matter. Babies only do what they are ready to do and as long as they are progressing then it's all good.

For a mum though I think once they start crawling, we all wish they would hurry up and walk. This is mainly because your baby is absolutely filthy when they are crawling and Phoenix cried all the time to go down, so in the end I didn't really care where we were or how dirty it was I just let him whizz around on his knees like he was auditioning for Cats The Musical!

On our wedding day (at almost 13 months old) I really hoped he would walk but still he crawled, interrupting the best man's speech as his sped around the floor making noises like a train! By the end of the afternoon he was filthy and dishevelled, as you can see here in this picture with my bridesmaid Claire. After that day, I just gave up that he would ever walk until the age of 3, he loved crawling so bloody much!

It was just after our wedding though, that I discovered the brilliantly devised Little Tikes - Light 'n Go - Activity Garden Treehouse. The moment I saw this beauty I realised it was just the thing to encourage my little terror to walk, so I got one.

Easy to put together, Phoenix kind of oversaw the whole operation, I'm not sure how helpful he was though. He was delighted from the moment he saw it. In fact he cried as I tried to move it to the lounge area from the office (where I'd put it together) for him to play with.

I knew it would be good but not quite as good as it was and I realised just how much those geniuses at LIttle Tikes know about child development as I watched him discover how to play with it.

As you can see by the picture it encourages your child to walk and crawl and so much more than most other toys do.

I can tell you that one week after we got this wonderful toy, when he was 13 months and two weeks old, Phoenix was up on his feet and walking around (well running actually) and I know it's because this toy encouraged him to do so., with all it's wonderful stimulants aimed just for that purpose.

Brilliant and generous company that they are, Little Tikes have given me one of these toys to give away to a lucky winner. All you have to do is click on the picture below and answer the question. I hope you've been paying attention!

So from LIttle Tikes and from me, Merry Christmas!

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