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A Mum’s Sanctuary - Win £50 voucher to treat yourself at Costa Coffee find out how here….

Since becoming a mum I can confirm that Costa Coffee is every parent’s sanctuary. It’s our calm place. Our happy place. Somewhere cosy and comfy we can go as a family, or to meet our mummy friends or a place to go on our own with our babies, to feel human again.

Costa Coffee became my absolute favourite when Phoenix was a tiny baby, as I struggled to cope with being a new mum. Not only are their drinks and cakes the tastiest but the staff at Costa are simply the most helpful and the best.

So many times I have struggled to organise Phoenix, shopping bags and change bags, in a Costa Coffee Shop and every time, without fail, one of their staff members come to my rescue! It is never too much trouble for their wonderful baristas to bring my cosy Chai Latte over to me, no matter how busy they are. One lovely employee even watched Phoenix for me, as he slept in his buggy, while I quickly rushed out to the car where I had ‘hormonally’ left my purse. Other Costa staff members have fetched highchairs for me, unfolded my buggy and even helped me get my coat off, as I struggled to juggle my crying new born out of his pram and in to my arms.

I also love Costa because of all the coffee shops out there to choose from, they are the cleanest. You don’t really notice this until you have a shiny new baby and then you see every crumb and skid mark on every café's tables and floors. Costa’s Coffee Shops are always immaculate and the staff are great at clearing tables for you too.

Each and every new mum’s nightmare, is changing her precious miracle in a public toilet, especially up until they are at least 6 months old. Again though, Costa’s loos are always clean and it was the only public toilet I would ever change Phoenix in for quite a while.

As he’s got older their shops have become even more of a sanctuary for us. We often trip down to Costa for some crumpets or a Gingerbread Muffin for a breakfast treat. We love to share some Crumpets covered in vutter and jam.

My absoloute fave drink is a Chai Latte and sometimes it's the closest I get to a meal before 4pm when I’m really busy. I love the fact their Chai Lattes are made by using all milk and no water. It makes it all the more cosy on a winters day.

Recently though I have been enjoying their Black Forest Hot Chocolate and Shimmer cake, as my festive treat and I love the fact that every time I treat myself to a piece of this scrummy cake, a donation goes to Costa’s charity, Costa Foundation so I feel like I'm paying it forward just by treating myself. Double bonus!

I know all mums everywhere, use Costa Coffee as their sanctuary and so from all of us I wanted to thank the lovely people at Costa Coffee for giving us a friendly place to go. For giving us a reason to get out of the house, without having to spend too much money to do that. For giving us a cosy place to meet our friends and for without knowing it often cradling our tired souls so we can are renewed to look after our families.

So lovely are the people at Costa though, instead of letting me thank them, they insisted they thank you, the parents who retreat to their Coffee Shops, by gifting one of my lucky readers a £50 voucher to spend on some of their delicious treats! How gorgewoir!

All you have to do to enter is click on the picture below and you will be directed to a competition about this blog, I hope you’ve been paying attention and good luck.

From Costa Coffee and myself Merry Christmas!

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