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New Year, New You! From a 532 year old!

As we say goodbye to one year and welcome the next one in the main thing to remember is, it's never too late to start again.

We are not just a vessel for our past mistakes to slowly ferment in to regrets. We don't have to let the past weigh us down acting like tar would if it were running through our veins. We are a vibrant life force, we can start afresh anytime we like and although it's not always easy shrugging off the ghosts of the past or the habits we have formed, there is no better time than when a sparkling New Year comes around to greet us once more, to right our wrongs.

It's my 'Gregorian calendar' birthday tomorrow. I will be 43 years old. Not young but not old either - just right. It doesn't really mater how many years old I am though, it's how I feel. In fact if we marked our age by how many Full Moons there have been since I was born, I would be the ripe old age of - 532 full moons! I prefer this method too. It makes me sound like a wizard and sometimes that's how old I tell people I am. My age according to the Full Moon. Maybe it's something we should all do, it adds a little magic to your heart.

When I look back at my life I can easily see that I have made many mistakes. I have loved and had people in my life, who had no right to be there. I have let myself down by not always working hard enough on maintaining my talents by practising what I'm good at. Too busy helping others to truly help myself. Not always believing in myself and not listening to my heart. I have let others get away with walking all over me and I have often fought battles that were not even mine to fight. But when all said and done, right now I am in a very positive place and it is my experiences that have brought me here.

I still have one or two demons to battle with from the past in 2017 - but there is a fresh road ahead and it is as bright and shining.

So what do you want from this New Year? Do you want a new job? A raise? Do you want to get out of an unhappy life? Do you want to stop smoking? Lose weight? Move house? Do a degree? Finally get rid of an enemy? Start a new business or just be happier and maybe a bit nicer and spend more time with the people you love?

Well, let me tell you it is all possible. Even though life is tough, sometimes suffocatingly so and things go wrong for all of us on a daily basis. The future is still in our hands. You have to say goodbye to the past regrets because they just drain you of the energy you need to start again. But the Beginning of your life, is right here, right now.

There is so much I want to do this year and I feel excited for it. I can feel the energy rushing around my veins just from the promise of it all.

I hope I will get the opportunity to show the world that I can actually act and that just because I was a kids TV presenter, some casting director will realise that it doesn't mean all the skills that got me work as an actress pre-cbeebies have now been eradicated.

I already know this year that everyday I will excited because of my baby boy Phoenix. I love this age! Everyday he thrills me with joy. He is an absolute delight. I know lots of blogs say how hard being a mum is - but I think because I am 532 Full Moons old it really isn't that hard for me as I am just so god damn grateful that I didn't miss out on being a mum. I don't care about all the hard stuff, bring it on I say! I just bloody love being a mum and all it brings.

I am utterly psyched about my Honeymumster blog too. Writing this blog has opened so many doors for me already and it's only 9 months old. It has given me a purpose and I hope it has made people see a different side to me. The real me, warts and all.

I have so many wonderful blogs for you this year but one of them which I will be starting this weekend is how I lost 2 stone in 6 weeks and how I have kept that weight off without dieting for over 20 years! I even bounced straight back in to shape after giving birth to Phoenix using this way of eating.

I will take you through some exercises to do at home and even if you don't lose weight, I promise you WILL feel better about who you are.

The picture below was me in 2010 and I'll be posting pictures of me now after having my baby with my weright loss blog, so you can see how little I have changed.

Obviously for most I'm a little too thin and toned here - but the main thing is, I have maintained this weight, which is the right weight for me for over 20 years and you can do that too by following my simple steps, coming soon!

Also on my blog I've been studying car seats for you all, so if your're looking for a toddler car seat I have the survey to tell you the best and safest products for your little ones, so do look out for that one.

Finally, I'll be posting many more celebrity interviews and competitions to treat all my lovely readers. So please do subscribe to my blog below so you don't miss out on a bumper year!

Happy New Year one and all! Let's fucking rock the arse off this one!