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Diet Cage

This is the final section of this part of my DIETS DON'T WORK blog. After this post I will be going on to show you how to eat a different weigh. The Secret Weigh. In fact I am thinking of setting up a members only group, so I can guide you all through my exercises, hopefully helping you escape the 'Diet Cage' that you are living in. More about this soon.

In this final section I want to talk about, Crash Diets, Eating Disorders and getting out of the Diet Cage.

Crash Diets Could Kill You....

How often do you hear that being overweight is unhealthy? Hearing words like 'over-weight' and 'obesity; have such negative connotations and it's true that carrying too much weight is bad for your health but anything to excess is bad for us and let me tell you now that crash diets are a disaster for your health.

The damage that can be done when we lose weight too quickly is scary. Most medical guidelines say that we should only lose half a pound to a pound a week. Losing more weight than this can put a terrible strain on the body, yet there are a whole range of diet's out there that encourage an extremely low calorie intake.

If a diet causes you to have, dizziness, nausea, constipation, bad breath, headaches, to be irritable, tired or have dry skin then what is going on? This cannot be right and it really doesn't sound too healthy and yet many diets and food supplements cause these terrible side effects. To my mind, if a way of eating is actually making you feel ill then it's your body's way of letting you know it's harming you. Please stop it now.

Not only do these diets put a terrible strain on your body but any sudden decrease in your calorie intake can cause your metabolic rate to slow down. If your body isn't getting enough energy from food it goes to your energy stores. You hope this is from your fat stores but it isn't always the case. On extremely low calorie diets, there isn't enough time for your body to go to your fat stores, so first of all your sugar stores in the liver are used up and then the body will go to the muscle store. The problem here is that your heart is also a muscle and this is a muscle that can never be replaced.

As frightening as this is, it gets worse. Extreme dieting can also lead to loss of bone mineral, hair loss and depression. If your body is too low in sugar this can lead to problems with concentration, low energy levels, a low libido and even more depression.

And don't be fooled if you fast and feel a sense of euphoria. This isn't because you are healthier because you have lost weight. This euphoria is what anorexics experience and become addicted to. This dangerous state is caused by the brain releasing 'starvation endorphin's' and could lead to serious problems of addiction and death by starvation.

SHOCKING FACT - 98% of people that go on a diet, regain all the weight they have lost and more

If they told you before you went on a diet that you only had a 2% chance of keeping the weight you lost off, would you bother? Remember it's a multi billion pound industry and yet we are getting fatter and fatter and there is only a 2% chance that you will remain thin. 2%!!!!!

The worse thing for me about dieting is that they cause EATING DISORDERS.

If I had never gone on that first diet I would probably have just remained natural slim my whole life. I would not have had to suffer the nightmare of living with bulimia for 12 years. A disease that takes over your whole life and consumes happiness like an end of the world eclipse.

Research has shown that just ONE diet can lead to an obsession with food. ONE diet. Yet most of us have tried diet, after diet, after diet. What chance do we have around food? When I was bulimic I used to wish I was an alcoholic because at least with that I could just stop drinking. The thing about eating disorders is that you HAVE to eat and eating and everything around food makes you miserable but yet you must eat.

I remember obsessing about food from the moment I woke up to the morning until I fell asleep at night. It was all I could think about all day, every day. The times that I considered taking my own life just to be free from the obsession with food and dieting I had, I even took myself to A & E begging them to help me or just kill me just to make it stop.

Then I found my 'Secret Weigh' of eating and it did stop and I can honestly say, that apart from writing this blog, in a bid to try and release others from the Diet Cage, I never think or obsess about food now and I haven't done for 20 years! I know I can help you too.

You don't have to have anorexia or bulimia to have an eating disorder. Two thirds of people in Britain are on a diet right now and live in chaos around food.

Today, right now, be kind to yourself and forget about looking like a model. That is the first step to over coming your obsession. Being only 4ft 11 I struggled with this for years. When I finally let go and truly loved who I was, I took the first step to getting out of the self destructive Diet Cage. Mercifully we are all completely different and wonderful in our difference. Don't let your self esteem be wrapped in a chocolate bar.

Can you remember the first diet you went on? Do you despair that every diet since then has just got harder and harder?

I want you to think about these questions. Write them down and answer them. I really want you to take an honest look at how diets have change your life. If you like you can email them to me, see my email below...

1. List the diets you've been on. For each diet list your goal weight and if you reached it, how long did you stay at that weight?

2. Do you think the next diet you go on is the one that will keep your weight off forever?

3. How old were you when you went on your first diet?

4. How much did you weigh when you went on your first diet?

5. How much do you weigh now?

6. Looking at your answers to 4 and 5 has dieting been successful for you?

7. Why do you keep on dieting?

We need to eat to stay alive. Food is an integral part of being a human being. It should be joyful, sociable and life giving. We are surrounded by food everywhere we go and so wouldn't it be nice to enjoy it without the fear of getting fatter and fatter?

Food should be enjoyed, not secretly stuffed in to our faces by the fridge door. There should be no restrictions on food as this causes us to obsess and we should be able to live with freedom when it comes to food, not obsession and misery.

I have tried to show you why DIETS DON'T WORK and if you are interested I will now show you how to eat with freedom through my 'Secret Weigh'

If you want to know more please email me at as I would like to gauge how much interest there is. Then I will look to setting up a 'Secret Weigh' group and write out a work book for all members.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all your emails on this subject so far.

Look out for my blog this Thursday evening, as I have an interview with a Hollywood director for you all.

Much love xxx