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Get Inspired to live the dream in 2017

In today's current climate, it's often hard to feel inspired. Politics seem to be testing our hearts and their true boundaries with a club hammer. Household debts are souring, depression is rising in our children, people hurting each other everywhere you turn. It really doesn't feel that sunny out there, in fact it feels bloody Baltic!

I don't know if it's true for everyone but now I'm a parent the bad news hits me a lot harder than it used to do. I don't want my son to inherit a ghost town world from me. I want the future to be wonderful because now I know it's a world my baby will have to live in when he is older.

Like all adults I have many battles to fight on a daily basis. In fact I have had to fight battles my whole adult life. These last 5 years though have been the most wonderful and the most testing of my life and at some point this Summer I will reveal all I have had to endure.

Life is hard but when you finally admit that to yourself, it becomes a hell of a lot easier and it is true that for every cloud you may encounter there is always a silver lining. What I love about being a parent is that you gain a purpose and with that purpose comes the inability to give in, especially on those days that the grey clouds come your way.

Once you become a parent you cannot give in, no matter how many times you get slapped in the face, you must keep trying for the sake of your children. You must keep moving forwards no matter what obstacles litter your way. Gone are the days when you and your stupid ego count. You must keep on keeping for your children. It doesn't matter how silly you feel or even if it hurts your pride, you will do whatever it takes to keep going once you have kids, just to put a roof over their heads and food in their tummies and you do all this simply because you love them more than you could ever love yourself.

But what power this gives you....

Since I have had Phoenix I have....

  • Been clean from Prozac for 6 months now (although that is also thanks to no longer having an emotional bully in my life)

  • I have won an award for writing

  • I have dealt with huge corporations and secured deals

  • I have given inspirational talks to schools and adults

  • I have made money in ways I could never have dreamed of

  • I've interviewed astonishing people

  • I have found the true meaning of my life - and that is - living for another

  • I realise whatever you focus on, you get more of

The last point there is my biggest find yet and it's the hardest to combat.....

Whatever you focus on, you get more of. We all encounter things in our lives that we don't really want but if you focus and dwell on those things then guess what... You get more of them!

Recently I have realised this and I have made a conscious effort to focus on all the wonderful things in my life (of which there are great many) and it's like a Spring flower has unfurled itself.

Of course some of the same troubles remain but without the spotlight on them they are changing. Now new and exciting opportunities seem to knock on my door on a daily basis. people are so much warmer and more welcoming to me and when I wake up in the morning, in spite of all that is going on in the world, I know it ill be OK. Phoenix will be OK because I will instil in him a sense of positivity, that he can carry forward his whole life.

Being positive is just as easy as being negative and yet how many of us are truly positive to ourselves and others?

How many of you try and take things that you know don't belong to you, rather than giving or purposefully say awful things to people because you feel bad about yourself, rather than seeing the beauty in everyone?

Yes things will go wrong, we won't always get what what we want but don't let that come crashing down on you and spoil the rest of your day.

It is how we react to situations that makes all the difference.

This is a world where sometimes things happen that are too cruel to comprehend, thankfully though these things don't happen every day to us and when you look at it, most days of our lives really aren't that bad and actually it's wonderful to be alive.

Don't let your mind be taken over by angry, jealous and spiteful thoughts. Fill them with dreams of the things that you want to achieve. Believe that with hard work and love anything can and will happen.

The world is as wonderful a place as WE make it. Politicians will never be able to make as big a difference to our lives as we can. We have the power to start the change that we want and it starts in our own hearts and with our own thoughts and actions.

Go on marches and fight for rights but make sure that you are marching against your own negativity and fighting for the right of your happy thoughts first.

I've really found that being positive does make you feel like you are projecting a rainbow on to the rest of the world. Imagine what a wonderful prism of light we would live in if we all did this.

Teach your children a new way, show them how to paint their own rainbows by sun-beaming those negative grey cloud thoughts away.