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Eating What You Really Want

For most people who have been on a diet for most of their lives, eating what you really want is a sinful thing that you do quickly and in secret! Heaven forbid anyone sees you eating and enjoying it.

Ask someone who has been on a diet for a long time, what they really want to eat and they will probably say all the foods that the diet's have deprived them of over the years.

In reality though your body not only tells you when you are hungry if you listen to it, it also tells you exactly what it needs to to eat as well. Yes it is that clever. We hear about people who are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals craving the foods that are rich in them and that shows the body is wonderful thing. Well, when you get really good at listening to your body, you too will know exactly what it is you need to eat when you are hungry and there is nothing more satisfying than that.

Most of you have played my Hunger Games by now and it seems by using this method alone, many of you have started to lose weight and feel a lot better for living this way. Hopefully you've also tried the method of chatting g to your Inner Child to find out why exactly you eat sometimes when you are not hungry.

Now it's time to find out exactly what it is your body wants when you are hungry and how to do that exactly.

Now don't worry, for the first year of using the Secret Weigh my body only seemed to want donuts, biscuits and sweets! Funny that! I still lost weight and I kept it off because this way of eating is not about calories, carbs, fats or sugars, it's about listening to your body and as long as you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, it really doesn't matter what you eat at all, you will still lose weight.

Of course you don't want scurvy, so it is important that you also listen to what your body is telling you it needs as well. Believe me after a month of eating sweets you will get sick of it. The mouth ulcers alone will stop you and you will be reaching for the salad but the difference is you will actually want it and it will be your choice.

YOU CAN EAT WHAT YOU LIKE using the Secret Weight, so please don't criticise yourself for your choices! Don't let that nasty diet mentality start to shoot you down and make you believe that instead of that sticky toffee pudding you desired, you should really be eating a healthy baked potato. With The Secret Weigh, healthy choices can fuck right off - it is, all the choice and happiness that matter.

One of the reasons it is important that you eat what you want when you are hungry, is because when we don't eat what we desire first off, we end up eating that as well as the healthy choice we made in the end anyway. How many times have you really wanted a Pizza but you have had a chicken stir fry only to eat the kids left over pizza later anyway? I guarantee you that if you had just had the pizza in the first place you would have saved yourself eating the stir fry as well and not gone in to an eating frenzy all because you denied yourself in the first place.

It is so importation with The Secret Weigh that when you are hungry you eat exactly what you want. Forget everything you know about food and see it as all the same. No calories, no fats, no carbs, no sugar all food is good for you and you can have it all. It is just food and as long as you wait until you are hungry and stop when you are full you will lose weight.

So how do you start to even try to and gauge what it is that you really want to eat?

Naturally slim people ask their bodies what they feel like eating and this is what guides them to choose.

Food is emotional as well as physical and as long as you are hungry it's OK to let your emotions help you decide what it is you want to eat. You need to be satisfied both emotionally and physically in your choice when deciding which foods you really want to eat. It's no good eating an ice cream on a really cold day when what you actually know will fill you up physically and emotionally is a nice cup of hot soup.

There is nothing more satisfying than eating what you are actually hungry for. If you crave something sweet, it doesn't matter how much savoury food you eat, you will never feel satisfied and you will end up eating more than you need to until you get that piece of chocolate you originally wanted. If you are craving some nice warm buttery toast then a yogurt will never do.

After years of dieting you probably have no clue how to ask yourself what you really want, so here are some questions to help you once you are hungry, so you can find out exactly what you might be hungry for...

Do I want...

Hot or cold food?

Solid or liquid food?

Sweet or savoury food?

Crunchy or creamy food?Light or bulky food?

Hopefully these questions will help you realise what it is that will satisfy you. For example I just had the following convo with myself.

Hungry me: I'm hungry!

Me: OK what do you want?

Hungry me: Something light and easy so I can work and eat

Me: Sweet or savoury

Hungry me: Sweet - oh I know turkish delight!

Me: OK good choice! Yes I'd like that too!

Hungry me: I'll need something more later but that will deffo keep me going til dinner.

Me: OK we will have something warm later

As you think about what you want to eat, try to imagine the different options in your mouth and stomach, this will give you a good indication of what you would like. It sounds ridiculous but you will be able to tell what foods will feel nice in your stomach and what might feel like too much. Let me know how you get on.

Like I said please don't worry if all you crave are all the foods that you usually can't eat on a diet, please do have them. It's human nature to crave what you cannot have but once you can have them, they do lose their mystery and power. Yes they are tasty but you start to realise that all foods are tasty once there are no restrictions.

Of course it's unhealthy to live on chocolate and chips but it's not as unhealthy as the diet and binge lifestyle that you have been living, so knock yourself out. It won't be long before your body craves a huge variety of foods. There are no 'good' or 'bad' foods anymore, it's all just food for you to enjoy.

If you want to join my Secret Weigh Group you can join by clicking on the link or the picture of the donut, where I will give you personal help and advice bout all things food.

Look out for my next blog on Tuesday about how to spend a relaxing weekend away with a toddler!