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Stalking The Naturally Slim

By now if you are following my Secret Weigh of eating you may have found yourself stalking the naturally slim. Good! Continue to do so! They are your new case study and you will be amazed at what you notice.

If people leave food behind on their plate you can bet your life they are of the naturally slim variety. Even if they love the food they are eating, once they are full they stop eating. This does take a bit of work. I am not going to turn you into a naturally slim person overnight but believe when I say that eventually you will be a naturally slim person by habit, you really will do and it doesn't take that long either!

When I first started eating this way, if someone had said to me, one day SJ, you will be a real life naturally slim girl, you will automatically eat this way, I would not have believed it - but here I am, the natural proof that a 'naturally tubby' can become a 'naturally slim' for life.

Lets look at eating a pie. The pie is our chart. One person eats two thirds and then happily pushes their plate away feeling all full and happy. The other person eats the whole pie and sits there feeling awfully bloated and guilty. Why would you punish yourself this way? It's just a pie and it may be delicious but you want it to feel delicious after you have finished eating it too and stuffing your face just makes you feel bad. If you stop when you are satisfied you will still enjoy your meal an hour after you have finished eating because you will be full and feel great about yourself too.

Soon you will realise that it's so much better to eat less and feel better. In fact you won't want to 'ruin your meal' by eating too much! I know that sounds silly but that's how I now think and I have done for 20 years. Feeling over-full to me these days, means ruining my meal and once you get that ingrained in to your sub-conscious you will rarely overeat again.

Do not forget the eating excuses. Do not allow them to creep back into you life, they are the enemy here.

In my next Secret Weigh blog, I would like to invite you to have a meal as a group.. I'm not sure how to achieve this but I have a blog to prepare.

Before we do that I would like to remind you just how a naturally slim person eats and I would like to set you some homework of stalking a naturally slim friend to see exactly how they eat. Ask them questions, watch them and learn because some day soon this will be your life too!

Naturally Slim Lessons

Lesson One

Pay attention to what you eat

We have already covered this but I'll say it again. If I'm doing something at the same time as eating I tend to miss the signal that tells me that I am full. You must concentrate on what you are eating.

Lesson Two

Eat slowly. Very slowly

This is tough and in my experience it seems tougher for men than women. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to register that you are full. My husband Ayden says when he was younger that's why he rushed his meals, so he could fit more in before he got too full!

Make a conscious effort to slow down your meals. Now I know as a mum, this is not always practical and certainly in my case if I feed Phoenix at a restaurant then my food goes cold if I don't hurry up and eat between feeding him mouthfuls of his food... but where possible please eat slowly!

When you eat the following things happen.

  • You chew, enzymes start working to break down the food, so try to chew for longer and really taste that food

  • When the food reaches your stomach more enzymes break down that food with some help from your stomach acid

  • After this the nutrients from the food start to be absorbed in to your bloodstream

  • The remaining food enters your small intestine and more of the goodness is absorbed

  • The blood from your stomach and small intestine then finally starts to travel to your brain

  • In your brain there is a special centre (the Satiety centre) which then works together with your stretch receptors (which are located in your stomach wall) which finally after all that absorbing and traveling, tell you that your brain that you have eaten enough.

Most of us can eat a packet of biscuits in 3 minutes flat and that process is why 20 minutes later you feel bloated, fat and awful. If you ate that same packet of biscuits slowly with a nice cup of tea, you would probably only eat 3 and then you would realise you have had enough.

Lesson Three

Be aware of any change in the taste of the food you are eating

If you concentrate on what you are eating, you will notice that after a while there will be a change in the taste. This is another message from your body that you need to take a break and ask yourself if you are actually full. Most naturally slim people won't even notice this consciously but after years of dieting and not listening to your body you definitely won't, so really taste your food.

Lesson Four

Be aware of the food hitting your stomach

Every mouthful of food will change how you feel and your hunger levels. Really try to tune in to this. The best way to check is to put your knife and fork down and assess your state of hunger. Take a deep breath in and out and see how differently you feel from how you did at the start of the meal

Lesson Five

Before eating think about how much approximately you think you need.

I always like a lot more food than I know I want. It makes me feel safe and reassures me that I am not dieting (yes even 20 years since my last diet). I rather leave loads than not have enough.

Once you think you know what you need to eat, put a few pauses in your meal to assess your hunger. For example, you want two slices of toast with beans. After you have had beans and one slice of toast have a little pause and assess your hunger.

Lesson Six

If you're not sure if you are satisfied allow yourself two more bites

After two bites you should be good to stop and if your not have a pause and then two more bites

Lesson Seven

If you are not hungry anymore and you are staying at the table get rid of your plate.

Either wrap it up or throw it away

Lesson Eight

Have a plan with something to do after you eat

Try not to hang around the table. Do the washing up. Brush your teeth. Watch your favourite show on TV. Have a bath

Lesson Nine

Reassure yourself that you are never going to go hungry again

This is the best thing you can do for yourself . Forget that you ever went on that first diet and know that as long as you are hungry you can eat whatever you want and enjoy the rest of your life living as a naturally slim person.

You will go through phases of getting nervous about NOT dieting ever again. However, now you know what hunger feels like by playing my Hunger Games you can relax, if you mess up just wait until you are hungry again before you eat.

Remember if you are not sure whether you are hungry or not then you are not.

Have all those foods in your cupboard that you love because once you master this way of eating you will never binge again and that's coming from a bulimic of 12 years!

Eat when you are hungry. Eat exactly what you want. Stop when you are full!

Let me know how you get on with your naturally slim stalking and look out for my blog about our Secret Weigh Meal.

If you want to join my Secret weigh group, you can join here or subscribe to my blog to get updates about my work with the Secret Weigh.

I will have my regular parenting blogs again later this week and I have all sorts of gems to tell my fellow parents.