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Food Play

Practice, Practice, Practice and play….

So many of you now are telling me that you have lost weight and are feeling better with The Secret Weigh, but I won’t rest until you are all telling me this.

This is a simple way of eating and once it becomes your habit you will never have to worry about food or eating again but getting there does take practice. I think it took me about a year to truly become a naturally slim person and I had to a lot of reminding myself how to eat this way.

That means – if you are feeling a little lost then please re-read my blogs, especially the ones that worked for you. At some point, I will put together a workbook but that won’t be for a while, so until then please keep in contact with me and keep practicing!

The main thing is, that if you fall of the wagon, you just wait to eat when you are hungry again, you eat whatever you want and you stop when you are full…. It’s so important that you are not hard on yourself though!

I was going to make this next blog about us all having a meal together- but in my current circumstances that’s not possible, as I spend most of my time schlepping my bony ass around the country so until I have time I thought we would look at playing with your food instead this blog.

I know we tell our children off for doing this but it’s a great exercise in taking all the mystery out of your favourite foods, because there is no mystery, it is just food.

Yup! I have news for you food, you're just a survival mechanism, nothing else. You are not a counsellor, a lottery ticket. a boyfriend or the answer to our prayers and tears. You just fuel our actions.

The Play Meal...

When you have time, I want you to prepare your favourite meal. In my case that is any take away foods or sweets. Make it a food that in your old dieting days (before you went on the Secret Weigh journey) was a highly prized meal. One of those meals that were a real treat and a bit naughty.

First of all – the golden rule. Make sure you are very hungry.

Lay the table as if you are on a date or at a tea party – whichever feels the best for you. DO NOT EAT yet!

I want you to examine your food first of all. Look at the colour of it, the shape of it, how it smells and its consistency. Look at it very closely and try to pick out things you didn’t realise about it before. Put your fingers in that meal, really mess it up until you have looked and experienced every part of it.

Now, when you have done this for at least 2-3 minutes, take one bite of it. Make sure you hold that food in your mouth. Taste it and chew it. Try to list all the flavours that you are tasting. Why do you love it so much? Savour that food before you swallow that one mouthful.

Now taste a different type of food on your plate.

For example, I love vegetable Thai green curry. My first mouthful would be a forkful of rice with green curry encasing it. I love the aromas of the curry and how my mouth feels as they spices hit my tongue. I love the fact that the rice is cooling, comforting and feels clean in my mouth.

My second mouthful might be a piece of broccoli – I notice I like broccoli more than I would ever admit to. It is crunchy and delicious when smothered in the green curry sauce.

Next I might take a bite of a spring roll. Many flavours erupt from this bite but it’s a welcome change from the spicy curry….

Etc Etc you get the gist.

Please for each mouthful of your meal take time to chew and taste it. Play with your food in between bites, push it around your plate. Does it still look as delicious? Does it look less appetising the fuller you become?

If you want desert in your meal, make sure you leave room for it or start off with desert if you prefer. Do exactly the same with your desert.

Look at it

Play with eat

Slowly eat and taste it.

Play with it some more

Keep checking your hunger levels and remember to stop one mouthful before you feel satisfied, that should be enough. Also please keep in your mind the size of the portions and compare them to your fist.

I’ve said it before, your stomach is the size of your fist. See how you feel after you have eaten one fistful of food… Are you full or satisfied or could you have a mouthful or two more?

When you are full, play with your food on your plate some more. I’ll bet you it doesn’t look so delicious as you push it around your plate now it's a toy. Make mountains with your mash potatoes, pile food as high as you can or even just mash it all together. Put your fingers in your food, screw it up, shred it, throw it if you don’t mind the mess. Be a child again, food is not mysterious is just food and this is a great way to realise that.

Years of childhood frustration of not being allowed to play with your food can come out now! You are an adult. You can do what you damn well please with food!

Once you are full and done playing, throw the food away and love yourself because you now have the power over food.

As I have said in this post. Eating like a naturally slim person does take some practise at first. You cannot perfect it overnight because most of us have been brainwashed by diets and we need to reprogram our brains to eat like you naturally should do.

You may find that you take 3 steps forward and then 2 steps back but all the time you are moving forward and then one day you will just be moving forward and you will be one of the naturally slim.

This picture was taken a few weekends ago. The skirt and corset I am wearing is 21 years old and I was the one who brought and wore it 21 years ago. I have not changed shape (apart from when I was pregnant and for about 4 weeks postpartum) for 22 years and you can have that too if you just persevere a little now.

Take it one step at a time. You have suffered eating for years and so of course you want a quick fix but you should be gentle with yourself. I promise with my help you can overcome the diet cage you were once locked in and be a free, naturally slim person with the Secret Weigh.

If you are not sure if you are hungry or not, you are not. Just like being in love.

Your stomach when empty is the size of your fist. Yes it stretches a bit but if you can’t gauge whether you are full or not yet, then use this as a rough guide.

No more restrictions on what you eat.

No more guilt

Only love for yourself and life.

Next Secret Weigh blog I will be inviting you to write a food diary. Not to punish or shame anyone but so we see exactly what and why we eat. Until then, happy eating and happy life!

If you would like to become a member of my Secret Weigh group here is the link

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