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Best Buys for Summer 2017

I don't very often do a Best Buys section on my blog, so when I do you can be assured that the products have wowed me so much that I feel I just have to share them with you.

So much of what we buy for our babies and toddlers end up getting either not used or just they just aren't as exciting as they looked in the shop or online....

This list has come about because the following products must be shared! They are just as good as they say they are and worth every penny.

Jetkids BedBox

This is an awesome award winning buy for anyone travelling either by air or train with any child over 2! It extends any train or plane seat, instantly transforming them in to either a bed or a lounger to spread out and play on for children up to about the age of 6.

It’s lightweight and has enough storage to put an ipad, teddy and favourite blanket in as well as the bed itself. Easy to use and a cheap way to upgrade your child to first class travel.

Your child can also ride on it just like other toddler suitcases, it’s stylish and the super smooth wheels, mean it’s easy to pull them along while carrying a million other things.

It's £129 and worth every penny for peaceful travel. My husband and I travel a lot for work and The Jetkids Bedbox is definitely, one of my top travel aids! This is my top buy for Summer!

Aqua Carpatica Water

The PR company who makes this water approached me to try it out on Phoenix. I must say I am terrible at giving him tap water. Call it a hang up from being born in the 70’s it just doesn’t seem right to drink tap water, I only drink mineral water, which of course because of the high sodium content you cannot give to children under the age of 2, so Phoenix mainly drinks juice. Please feel free to judge me!

Aqua Carpatica still water is an ideal and safe choice for toddlers as it has a low sodium content and it is also low in nitrates.

I have tried my boy with it and I’m pleased to say he loved it. No more bad mum for me!

It is hard to purchase in this country at the moment. But you can find in most great whole food stores;

Whole Foods, As Nature Intended, Cotswold Fayre, The health Store - as well as Harrods. This is one to look out for mums as it’s definitely a winner

Britax Summer Colours for Car Seats and Travel Systems

I love, love, love the new Summer colours of Coral and Lagoon Green launched by Britax this Season.

Such vibrancy to lift any tired mum or dad out of their sleep deprived states.

Not many companies can rival the Britax Affinity 2 range, when it comes to safe and comfortable travel systems, that grow with your family.

So rejoice this Summer because they just got a whole lot better with these effervescent delightful colours.

Little Tikes Trike

All the Little Tikes Trikes are awesome in my opinion and the only trikes worth getting.

Phoenix has one and it is his toy, his pushchair and my saviour.

He’s getting to an age now where he doesn’t want to go out in his pushchair (he thinks he’s a big boy) but he’s not yet big enough to go on long walks or shopping trips.

So, when the Little Tikes Trike walked into our world this Easter, I didn’t realise it but my saviour had arrived! He will go on it without hesitation and it goes with us everywhere.

Not only does it fold down so you can fit it in your boot but it grows with your child. At the moment I push it but when he’s big enough, Phoenix will be able to peddle himself.

We have the Fold ‘n’ Go - 5 in 1 Trike, which is good for kids from 9 months to 5 years.

It’s £129.99 and worth every single penny! I dunno what we are going to do when Winter arrived cos my child loves this ride! Definitely a top buy!

Rosie Willett personalised T-Shirts, sweatshirts & Accessories

This one is a treat for mums and dads more than for the kids and why the hell shouldn't we treat ourselves from time to time.

Sort after designer Rosie Willett, has recently given birth to a wonderful daughter of her own and luckily for us, this has spurred her on to extended her range to making matching kids and parent personalised T-shirts and accessories!

I love them so much. They have style and class as well as the essential cuteness factor we all desire. Any proud parent will want one of these and they are perfect for that fabulous Father’s Day gift, which is fast approaching so get your orders in now!

So there we have it my choices so far for Summer. If you have any recommendations for other parents please let me know or post on my Facebook Page!

Happy Sunshine everyone!

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