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Best Car Seats for our growing child...

ADVANSAFIX III SICT – brilliant in every way...

When Britax asked me to look at their ADVANSAFIX III SICT as a car seat alternative for my little Phoenix, I have to admit I was sceptical. Not because I thought I wouldn’t like it but because I have the Britax DUALFIX car seat and I love that car seat so much I thought no other car seat would ever live up to that particular model. I was wrong and I’m slowly learning that all the Britax car seats are wonderful and depending on your child and your car’s needs, you simply can’t go wrong with this brand.

The parcel came containing my ADVANSAFIX III SICT and on opening it I immediately started to think, oh this is rather nice. Expertly made for safety and style even just getting it out of the box I could see the care and attention to detail that the makers had put into creating this product, was equal to their wonderful DUALFIX product.

The ADVANSAFIX III SICT is suitable for children from 9 months (or 9 KG) to age 12 (or 36kg). Personally, I would not have a forward-facing car seat for any child under 18 months but it is not the law in this country and if you are looking for a safe model then you simply cannot go wrong with any Britax product.

What I love about the ADVANSAFIX III SICT is that right up until age 12 your child is sitting on a high back booster seat and I cannot stress the importance of this enough.

Britax themselves shot a video to highlight the dangers to children who sit on a booster seat only, which as you can see below makes a huge difference safety wise.

It’s clear to see, that the child on a ‘booster seat only’ is catapulted with head flailing and body jack knifing on itself, possibly resulting in devastating injuries. Whereas the child in a high back booster is supported and would clearly come away with little if no injuries.

If you had a billion pound ming vase on your back seat, which car seat type would you favour? Surely our children are worth more than any billion pound ming vase? Iknow as they get older they complain about being in a “baby seat”, but let them moan, what does it matter if it keeps them alive? Let them complain forever, so they live forever!

Phoenix loves the ADVANSAFIX III SICT and for his age group it’s great because the seat tilts so he can still fall asleep comfortably and safety on those long journeys. It has room for him to fidget without being dangerous and for me personally, I love the fact the material is such, that I can just wipe Wotsits off it without any mess left over or the need for a washing machine trip. This is an important feature for most mums. Having said that, all Britax car seats are easy to wash, with easily removable covers as well as being easy to put back together, which is where many product’s fail!

What I was interested to see with this particular product though, is just how comfortable it actually is for older children. Vital for this product, as if you are going to invest I it, you want to know that it will last you at least 10 years.

The average 12 years old is 4ft 10 and it just so happens that at 4ft 11, I am only an inch taller than that, so I put it to the test myself.

Now I should point out that I weigh more than 36kg, I’m 43kg, so I’m a bit big to safely travel in this seat – but I was looking more at the comfort of it, so at the Baby Show I put it to the test.

Let me tell you it was incredibly easy to convert the seat for older children (even those who are 43 years of age) and once I was in it, I found it super comfy. It certainly didn’t feel as restrictive as I thought it would or perhaps your child might make out it is. In fact, it was like sitting in a very safe recliner chair!

Phoenix will be sitting in this chair until he is 36kg for sure and I will feel happier travelling the thousands of miles that we travel each year knowing that he is in a Britax Car seat.

Britax care about your child’s safety but they also create car seats and other products that are stylish and functional.

I didn’t believe that any car seat would please me as much as the Britax DUALFIX does but the ADVANSAFIX III SICT managed it and now we have a wonderful car seat for Phoenix in each car making all our journeys a joy.