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Stop The Skinny Bashing!

I was really shocked recently after I posted a picture of me 4 weeks after I’d had Phoenix, back in my jeans and body pretty much back to how it was before I gave birth to my little boy.

The comments I received after posting the picture ranged from ladies accusing me of “not being normal” to a few ladies accusing me of “doing weights” even though I’d just had a c section. I’ve held my tongue about some of the comments and personal messages I received afterwards but after seeing an article today, where reality star Chanelle Hayes (someone I’ve never heard of) makes a scathing and what can only be deemed as a jealous attack on Cheryl Cole for getting her body back so quickly after giving birth to baby Bear, I really felt passionate about saying something to stop the ‘skinny bashing’ and decided it was time for me to stick up for us thinner girls as quite frankly, I’m fucking sick of it.

In the article, Chanelle says that the only reason Cheryl has got back in to shape so quickly is because she is ‘rich’ and because ‘her mum has helped her look after Bear, so that Cheryl could do body crunches all day long’. This is such a nonsense and I have had enough! I have no affiliation with Cheryl Cole but maybe, just maybe she is naturally slim and so lost weight easily and naturally just as I did. This talentless Chanelle lady, is rude and how dare she attack Cheryl when she knows absolutely nothing about her home life. It's a good thing to lose your baby weight isn't it? It should not be criticised.

Surely the fact that’s she’s got back in to shape so quickly is healthy and to be celebrated and not seen negatively, just because someone is clearly jealous and maybe doesn’t have the same discipline as Cheryl does.

While pregnant with Phoenix I didn’t over eat, I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. I listened to my body. I was sometimes really healthy and sometimes I wasn’t. I had a lot of stress and in the last 3 months of my pregnancy I failed to put weight on at all. Phoenix was only 6 pound 1 when he was born because the stress caused by husbands work and a court case I was fighting made me anxious all the time and when I’m anxious, no matter how much I eat, I lose weight. I’m just made that way.

For the first year after having Phoenix, I could not put weight on if I tried and no matter how much I ate (although I was never greedy) I found it hard to get above 6 and a half stone. I did not go to the gym or continually do ‘stomach crunches’ or ‘weights’. In fact, since having Phoenix I have not been to the gym once, as I knew I wanted another baby and I didn’t want to go through pain of my stomach muscles stretching again. I did still have a flat stomach though (because I always have after years of doing gymnastics as a child). I did not do weights (as quite a few ladies suggested I had) and my veiny arms and muscles are as a result of lugging prams and babies around.

I was furious that so many women accused me of not being 'normal' like there’s something wrong with me for being thin. I am normal, I am just as normal as a woman who struggles to lose her baby weight. I was quite disciplined in that I did listen to my body and if I was full up, as much as I felt like a packet of Hobnobs might taste nice, I didn’t eat them if I wasn’t hungry for them and I still don't.

I would never judge anyone on whether they had lost their baby weight or not. It’s a personal thing. For me, it was a triumph and I was pleased to get back in to shape after 4 weeks but I only judge me and what is right for me. I don’t function well if I’m over weight, so I make sure I’m not but I’m certainly not rich enough to pay for personal trainers and meals out every day. I got my body back because I listen to it, rather than my emotions.

This pregnancy, I started off weighing less than I did with Phoenix because I had hyperemesis grandviidarum and now, at 20 weeks pregnant, I’m exactly the same weight as I was at this time while pregnant with Phoenix. No doubt this baby will be slightly bigger as he’s not my first but I know I won’t struggle to get back in to my jeans once he’s born because I will make sure of that and that doesn’t make me abnormal or setting a bad example, it’s what right for me.

We have to stop this skinny bashing, when I was working at Cbeebies, a fellow presenter who I hadn’t worked with before, who was actually unhealthily large, saw herself on the monitor while stood next to me on a shot as we were rehearsing. She burst in to tears and told the producers she could not work with me because I was too thin. I overheard the producers then tell her that they also thought I was too thin and that they had told me I must put weight on. I was then taken out of the scene and sent home. This lady was about a size 26, yet no one would have dared to tell her to lose weight. I however was hounded by producers every meal time about what I was eating and how much I weighed. I have never been underweight for my size and yet my whole life I have had people commenting on my weight, size and what I eat and it’s fucking rude!

I would never dream of commenting on anyone’s weight or what they eat and I think all shapes and sizes are beautiful. I feel better when I am about a size 8 and as I’ve been the same weight for 20 years and yet I have never dieted or over exercised, I think it’s pretty safe to say that’s probably the size my body naturally wants to be.

It’s not OK to be mean or personal to ladies because they are thin no matter what your reason is. We are all normal (a horrible word) whether thin, short, tall or fat and it is rude to comment on anyone’s weight full stop!

If Cheryl Cole had commented on that fact that this Chanelle Hayes has failed to lose her baby weight, we would all be outraged and I'm here to tell you all it should work the other way too!


I’m furious with my fellow females for basically thinking that because someone is thin it’s OK to judge them and it has to stop ladies. Just as it’s not OK to highlight that someone has not lost their baby weight, it’s also not OK to slam thinner ladies for losing it by making out they are super human, privileged or have had it easy. There's no magic wand to weight loss. It’s time to stick together and celebrate all that we are and our individual achievements, No matter what shape we are all wonderful.

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