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'Make Your Switch' website is a, one stop shop for all your health needs.

I love this site. It gives me a bespoke fitness and diet plan and is run by experts who also look at your health, mental health and your general well being, a must for new parents.

There are easy tutorials and no need to go to the gym, you can do all their bespoke workouts at home.


This site is run by real people, so you really do get a personal fitness and well-being plan as well as recipes and support.

Emma Kenny is one of TV's leading psychologists. Emma is a straight talking, no nonense girl and her blog is rich with humour, advice and just an excellent read.

Emma is the reason I began blogging. She is just a wonderful human being, an inspirational lady and a great friend.

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I Am Holly Mathews is my wonderfully strong and talented friend Holly Matthews. Her site is a blog, a vlog, there are life coaching courses, confidence courses, a connection terminal for ambitious mums at her 'Ambitious Mums Club' and basically everything you need to be inspired.

There is nothing Holly has not powered through and she is truly an inspiration. I cannot recommend her courses enough. I am blessed to call her my friend, she has helped me through so many difficult times and we have laughed a lot too.


I have yet to meet a more tenatious, kind, loyal and strong lady. She will change your life by helping you live it!

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I'd be a terrible girlfriend if I didn't have my own partner Ayden Callaghan's website on here!

He runs his own competitions and is about to start blogging. You might know his face as Joe Roscoe from Hollyoaks. 

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Please do check out Octopi Neuro Design if you are looking to build a website. Dave there deisgned and built my actress website - wonderful people, who can manage all aspects of website design as well as traffic analytics.